Pictures from a day in France

Hello Dear Reader,

We went to Carhaix-Plougeur again to pick up our live-box for our internet and again, it wasn’t there. We went to the e le clerc supermarket. 

It’s quite an experience.

Seafood is alive and wriggles around your shopping cart.

Juice is self juicing.

Lettuce is as big as your head.

Crabs look quizzical. 

My galette for lunch.

Supper, roast potatoes, chicken cooked with onions, tomatoes, lardons and red wine.

Love the juicer.

Not a bad supper for a camp kitchen.

I think they really like ham!

See you tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx


5 thoughts on “Pictures from a day in France

  1. The juicer is amazing, nothing like freshly squeezed, summer in a glass! A dewy lettuce, with sun warmed tomatoes, avacado ,red onion and balsamic dressing maybe a bit of goats cheese, heaven for me! Enjoy your break, Devon is delightful too at the moment, but France has the edge on the feel good factor!


  2. One of the things I like to do when I travel is to explore the supermarkets. I love the orange juicer. Our local supermarket has one but the juice is expensive. Enjoy the experiences and thank you for enabling me to travel vicariously.


  3. I would like to see a juicer like that in a US supermarket. We have nothing close, or if we do, I’m shopping the cheap stores too much!!


  4. Love the juicer, it must be expensive, but so worth the price to watch it being juiced and you do need a special (and pretty healthy) treat every now and then 🙂


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