Cheese and mushroom Breton Galette

Hello Dear Reader,

Another day, another cheap French lunch. Here this would be described as á la forestière but my version didn’t have the full ingredients and I’ve drastically overdone the portion sizes. 

It’s basically a tin of cooked sliced mushrooms, cooked in a bechamel sauce, added to a galette and sprinkled with rapé emmental. 

Really, I should have popped half the mushroom mix in a pot, refrigerated and used another time. It was difficult to fold the galette with so much filling. The bechamel sauce was a French packet mix and had cornflour not wheat flour, I added milk, heated it in a saucepan until it thickened and then added the drained mushrooms. Galette 55c, sauce, 40c, milk 10c, half a tin of mushrooms 40c, sprinkle of Emmental 20c – total, €1.55

I love these gluten free pancakes as I can eat them, they make a quick cheap and easy lunch.

Love Froogs xxxx


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