Market day

Hello Dear Reader,

I’ll just leave you with some photos today. It was lovely to meet you today and to have a chat and a coffee in the square.

Roast pork ready to take away. 


Air dried sausages.

 Busy with customers

We bought some local strawberries. Heavenly.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


11 thoughts on “Market day

  1. Since I live in a farming area, I enjoy going right to the farms for produce, but we do have markets in various towns on different days, which are reminiscent of your photos. The Mennonite ladies bake for the weekends, and their products are available at several places nearby. I generally do my own baking, like you do, but we do have a small treat from time to time!


  2. Everything looks delicious!
    Good to see your French home coming together, it’s lovely!
    Have a great weekend
    Hugs from Thailand 😊


  3. What a lovely market! For me markets like this are really dangerous: I always have to be very careful not to buy more than we can eat.


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