Painting, gardening, kitchen fitting and a lovely red. 

Hello Dear Reader,

Just such a lovely day. Odd little things, like clanking through the village with my basket, recycling the wine bottles and then stopping in the boulangerie for DB’s bread and then walking up the hill to our house.

We’ve worked hard today. I’ve painted door frames, sanded down the wooden stairs, painted walls, cleaned the flat and taken the recycling and rubbish to the communal bins. I’ve also gardened and cut all the ivy off the shared hedge and pulled ivy roots out of the ground. Quite a workout I can tell you.

Huelgoat was busy today, bustling with tourists and walkers. I must fit in time for the forest, the stones and to get to an art exhibition.

We lit the fire this evening. It had me imagining winter nights, reading by the fir and a star light sky uninterrupted due to the lack of street lights. It’s lovely when we stop at the end of the day. It’s so peaceful here and I already feel totally at home. It was drizzly today, warm and muggy. The house stayed cool and we lit the fire as the house is still damp and needs drying out. Also, I just wanted to test my most expensive purchase. The damp is a real environmental issue and all part of living in the middle of a forest. We’re going to invest in a dehumidifier and leave it runnin……..for as long as it takes.

My wonderful DB has worked on the kitchen today. The far work tops now fit, the edgings are fitted, they have been screwed down and some of the kick boards have been fitted. He’s not a tradesman so to have done this is just wonderful. He’s got to do a lot more but he’s taking his time and getting it right. He knows it’s my kitchen and I’m really looking forward to preparing meals here.

We’re still camping in the studio flat on the top floor. Thank goodness for bags of salad, pots of cheese and olives and ready made dressing. The wine? €1.80. It’s market day tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to some local fresh produce and coffee in the town square. Of course, there will be photographs so you can join me. Market day is quite the social occasion in France. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


11 thoughts on “Painting, gardening, kitchen fitting and a lovely red. 

  1. What delightful progress! The photos make it look all so cozy.

    Have you tried the bread in France? I ask because I know of a number of gluten intolerant folks here in the states who can eat it with impunity while on vacation in Europe, and I wondered if you’ve tried that experiment yet.


  2. Well done to you both on all your hard work today. Your home is looking fabulous so far and I love to pop in each day to read about your day. A recommendation I can make if you have bad condensation on the windows in the colder weather, is to use a Karch*r Window Vac, it works really quickly and sucks up all the liquid. Hope you have a good day tomorrow x


  3. It’s lovely sharing the adventure with you. You both work so hard, I really admire you and find you very inspiring. Enjoy the market tomorrow! Bon nuit! PennyL in Dorset xxx


  4. Wow, you have gotten so much done! It is really fun to live vicariously through your adventure! Have fun at the market looking forward to those photos!


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