The dogs, the post and the wardrobe

Hello Dear Reader,

I feel like a zombie today. I couldn’t sleep last night as the dogs couldn’t sleep and they kept me awake. I was hot, the insects in the garden sounded like garden machinery and the neighborhood cats hissing and fighting made my dogs growl. First world problems.

Consequently, today hasn’t been very fruitful. However, day three of all the doors and windows open is drying out the house. The funky smell is starting to clear and I’ve cleaned up after the plasterer’s dust that left a film of dust everywhere. I’m yet to wash all the walls down with bleach but I’ll get round to it.

Today, we went to Carhaix- plouguer to collect an Orange internet box from a pick up point, the local ‘pressing’ or dry cleaners to you and me. It wasn’t there. We phoned and it’ll be redelivered on Friday. More first world problems. 

We went instead to the institution that is Gifi, kind of Poundland on steroids! I bought a wardrobe for €35 and came home and spent an hour swearing at it. I also bought a salad spinner, salad here is a delight with roots and soil that need washing and then spinning. 

We also went to Netto, we won’t be going back. Not good at all. We’ll stick to Lidl which is always good quality. I did buy a melon (they are expensive but I only ever eat them in France) which I’m chilling to have this evening.

DB went to the tip/dechetterie and he took more rubble which can only go a bit at a time because of the weight in the car. We then went to La Poste and bought envelopes that have the postage costs included. I’ve now paid for the wood stove and the fitting. Now to save up for a new bathroom.

My camp wardrobe means we have somewhere for our clothes and yes, those are all our clothes for five weeks.

Sheeeesh, I’m tired!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


12 thoughts on “The dogs, the post and the wardrobe

  1. Brilliant post – so France! Gifi is good for all sorts of things AND they are open on a Sunday. Love your quilt. Helen in France


  2. Five weeks! You lucky thing! Are you letting out your Cornish house while you are away? I know a few people who are desperate to rent cottages in Cornwall, but with Brexit and all of the crazy goings on in the UK at the moment, they are finding the south west is full.


  3. Hi Froogs, sleep is so important, you only realise that when you can’t sleep! Hope you get a better night tonight, love reading about your days in Brittany. Have a wonderful day.


  4. Hope you get a better night’s sleep tonight, your little pooch looks comfy on the bed! I like your 5 week clothing allowance, if I were to keep all of the clothes I wear over a 5 week period on a separate rail I’m sure it would be very minimal!


  5. That little dog looks like butter wouldn’t melt, “Who me ? Barking. Never ! ” I hope you are sound asleep as I type.


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