It’s all go here!

Hello Dear Reader,

We’ve had a lovely productive day. The dogs were walked and DB’s bread was bought and carried home by eight this morning. He’s fitted the stair gate by the door so we can leave the doors open and not lose the dogs

I’ve cleaned the flat and the house downstairs, swept and washed the floors on all three levels, washed the laundry that’s now dried, ironed and put it away. DB assembled our dining room table and put his new work bench together. 

We’ve been to the dechetterie twice to get rid of the spoils from demolishing the fire, I’ve painted a kitchen wall and this afternoon we picked up: internal stairs, a free flat packed wardrobe and eight fence panels that were being sold on the local version of eBay. Dinner is chilli and rice that I cooked at home and brought over frozen. 

It’s been another warm day although it clouded over this afternoon. 

Now it’s down tools and eat, then a glass of wine and feet up for the evening.

It’s been a lovely busy but fun day. It’s sounds like had work but we’ve enjoyed ourselves. The sooner the work is done, the sooner every visit will be a holiday.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


13 thoughts on “It’s all go here!

  1. House is looking great, as is the garden!
    Curious as to why neighbors objected to your hedge , when there is one just across the road that looks the same!
    I hope you are taking time to relax, too!


  2. no wonder you sound so energized…so much progress! everything looking the dogs are glad for more room to inspect…


  3. Always love reading about your happenings in another continent. Busy but productive. Empowering.
    Enjoy your holiday between work 🙂
    Alexa-asimplelife visiting from a cold and windy Sydney, Australia


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