Lazy French Sunday with a galette 

Hello Dear Reader,

Lunch day #1 Breton galette with ham, egg and grated emmental. It’s a classic snack in these parts. Creperies sell these and we’ve often eaten them. We bought the galettes from the supermarket and they were 54 centimes each – about 45p.

Place one in a hot pan, allow the heat to penetrate, layer with thin cut ham. Break and egg in the centre and spread the egg yolk around with the back of a desert spoon. As it starts to cook sprinkle in some Emmental. 

As the cheese starts to melt, fold in the edges of the galette.

The galettes are made of buckwheat flour, that isn’t actually wheat at all so gluten free. If we eat out here, I tend to have a galette sometimes served with salmon or I have a galette with mushrooms. Safe bet if you can’t eat gluten.

It’s beautifully warm here, we’re shattered and we’ll spend the day just pottering with a snooze in the garden. Sundays in France are very quiet.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


7 thoughts on “Lazy French Sunday with a galette 

  1. My family originates from Normandy/Bretagne; although we left France well over 200 years ago, I grew up with boudin, buckwheat crepes, and always good cheese, even if only used sparingly, due to economy. Thanks for the memories!


  2. The food looks great. Enjoy your quiet days. I have settled down to a very late night viewing of the last day of le tour. Happy holiday Froogs.


  3. I love proper French gallettes and easy to make here too now that buckwheat flour is more readily available. Our favourite is the “Nordique” smoked salmon, creme fraiche, dill and lemon juice.

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  4. Do they also serve Socca (crepes made with chickpea flour or besan/gram flour) in France? I’ve heard they are also quite popular. Thanks!


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