Packing the weirdest things!

Hello Dear Reader,

This time last year, all I needed to pack was a bikini, towel and pile of books. Oh how life has changed. I’d looked at ‘French houses for sale’ sites for quite a while…….well, about twenty years to be honest. We’ve holidayed in France since 2005 and just the site of the cross channel ferry gives me goosebumps. 

We whittled our search down to one financial area of inland Brittany and went to visit an area on our second summer trip last year. We viewed three houses and made an offer on one of them. We bought on price and it was the say so of a colleague and another blog that took me to Huelgoat.

This year, my packing is very different.

Gardening equipment, ladder, tools, TV, router, plumbing, workbench, crockery, food, dog food, dogs and their crates and clothing.

Our plans: more work on the kitchen, more painting, constructing stairs (they come in a kit) installing stairs, putting us a dog proof fence, a stud wall and join the house up so we can live in all of it. 

If you’re in the area, visiting or just passing through. Drop in. The kettle will be on and I’d be glad of the distraction. You won’t find us busy all the time and don’t be surprised if you find me sat in the garden with the dogs.

I’ll be back for a chat tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


17 thoughts on “Packing the weirdest things!

  1. Sounds absolutely lovely! Not sure how you cram all of those things in. Have a great time. Just a question…what do they do about leaving the dogs in a hot car in these temperatures? I remember you saying you cannot take them out. They can die very quickly here in a car….


    • All the windows are wide open. The car has a through draught as the ship moves and ventilated the car deck. The car isn’t locked and the car is inside the ship out of the sun. I shall place frozen bottles of water in their crates if it’s warm. It’s cooler at sea than on land.

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  2. I wish you well on your trip. We have helped furnish houses away from home and you do end up with the funniest things. Another wish is that I could be close enough to pop by. Happy holiday.

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  3. I’m really enjoying reading about your life in the UK and also the setting up of your new house in France. What an adventure! Truly, a contented and busy life built around good relationships and saving for what you want is very satisfying – you demonstrate that with every post.

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  4. I’m glad to hear you will have some time off! We will pop in to see you, and you must come to see us and our little house too. We were also crammed with a heavy table and chairs in our car for starters! Nearly had no room for clothing! See you soon! X

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  5. Safe Journey Froogs, will think of you as I go through Plymouth to see my mum. Have a lovely summer and some rest. You and DB are doing a great job on your new house. xx

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  6. It is so nice to see how you are realising your dream. I can’t buy a place in France but you have prompted me to go to a French conversation class and I am loving it!

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