Cooling off on a budget

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s been lovely and warm here today and it’s cooled down to a comfortable 32 by tea time. In the heat of the day, it was much hotter.

I thought I’d share cooling off on the cheap.

1. Cool the house down at night, open upstairs windows, front and back to get a through draught.

2. When the house is cool in the morning, close the curtains/shutters on the south side of the house.

3. Keep a through draught throughout the day.

4. Getting off to sleep in this weather isn’t easy, have a cool shower before you go to bed. I find that talc keeps my skin cool.

5. We sleep with one of my thinner quilts.

6. And finally, and obviously, plenty of water…….when I get in from work, soaking my feet in cold water with some bicarbonate and a drop of lavender oil. 

If you’re in France and in the midst of the ‘canicule’ take care of yourselves xxx

I think this weather is just perfect. 

Love Froogs xxxxx


14 thoughts on “Cooling off on a budget

  1. I’m suffering in the dark pink zone at the moment. Good tips and living here permanently we get spells of ‘canicule’ every summer so its second nature to do all these things. One extra tip.
    Its not very attractive but draping a cold wet tea towel (or a pretty cotton scarf if you have one) around your neck evaporates away alot of your body heat via your neck. The French love their scarves so even if you go out in a wet one in summer no one seems to bother!

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  2. Hello it has been lovely here in the south of England. I think it was around 26 degrees and I stayed in garden under a parasol. House is being tidied slowly and I am gardening at the end of the day. Yay to hols. Hope you are having fun. kitxxxx


  3. I feel for you. In summer here it is hot and humid as I live in the warmer area of Australia. Stay out of the heat. Showers to cool off are great but make them just below body temperature so you stay cool longer. Run your wrists under cool water throughout the day. Stay hydrated…water is best. If you are not working out of the home arrange your day so that tasks are done early or late and siesta in the heat of the day. Simple meals too.


  4. We are supposed to hit 90 (40c) plus by mid week with dew points over 70%-just tropical for Minnesota. I’ll battle hubs with the air conditioner as even when really steamy, I’d prefer an open window.


  5. I like air movement so a fan does wonders for me. Before I had air conditioning a frozen gallon milk jug set in front of a fan, near the bed guaranteed a comfortable nights sleep. We get hot temps with high humidity. I plan outside work early in the morning or late at night. Along with lots of extra water I make sure there is plenty of cut up cucumbet, cantaloupe and watermelon in the fridge for snacks. The heat index last week was 105F, ugh.


  6. Working from home at a computer gives me a bit more freedom to keep cool than those who work in a office. The room where I work at a desktop computer gets very hot and it really helps to keep body temperature down by putting my feet in an old washing up bowl of cold water. Try it, you’ll be surprised how fast the water warms up!


  7. I don’t like hot weather, hence choosing to move to a cooler (but unfortunately also wetter North Wales) , but even here it’s in the low 30s today. I’m a dripping mess and avoiding the polytunnel at all costs, in there it’s in the high 40s and that’s with the doors open … poor plants. I water them when the sun’s gone down and it cools off each night, it’s the only way to keep them (and me) alive 😉


  8. I love the ceiling fan above the bed, on low, all night to sleep in the worst of our heat waves. Cold meals, popsicles, trips to the library or air conditioned coffee shop, and — silly as it sounds — soaking in a cold kiddie pool all help a lot.

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  9. Would not work in the states…..too hot for quilts, no matter how thin. We at least need a fan, but there are nights when it is as hot and humid at night as it is during the day, and all you do is toss and turn….glad you love it! I cannot WAIT for autumn!


  10. I can live with a much colder than normal house all winter save $ for air conditioning in the summer…it’s really the humidity that gets to me…fans help too…you know it’s hot when your fluffy cat sleeps on the cool tile floor instead of in the windowsill watching the chipmunk…

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