No shopping this week! 

Hello Dear Reader,

As we’re going away for a month, we’ll eat everything and take anything left with us. I’ll bleach out the fridge/freezer and switch it off, whilst leaving the doors open. Everything will be cleaned, switched off and leave ready for our return. 

This week’s meal might be a bit ‘odd’ as we’ll just eat what ever we have. We’re eating everything in the order of ‘stuff that goes off first’. Lastly, we’ll eat what ever’s in the freezer. 

Today,  I cooked a cauliflower and bag of kale in the steamer. I chopped a yellow pepper and two courgettes and sautéed in some oil until soft and added some garlic powder.

I made cheese sauce, four tablespoons of cornflour, one litre of skimmed milk and blended well, seasoned with salt and pepper and added 150g of grated, half fat mature cheddar. I kept the rest to add before cooking.

I combined the cooked pasta, cooked vegetables and cheese sauce. I grated the rest of the cheese (£1.75 for 350g in Lidl) and sliced the going soft tomato.

Here’s the cheese, it’s always cheap enough in Lidl. 

Everything was baked for twenty minutes. Over cooking a pasta bake can turn it into a brick.

Serve sprinkled with some paprika.

The only expensive bit is the GF pasta but everything else was just cheap veggies. 

Come back the rest of the week for an odd assortments of whatever we’ve got for dinner.

Lunches this week, will be leftover pasta as above. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx


12 thoughts on “No shopping this week! 

  1. Sounds like us when we head off from northern hemisphere winter to Southern hemisphere summer in New Zealand. We have some amazing meals as we eat up everything from the freezers. Bon Appetit.

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  2. I sometimes wonder how many meals my freezer and cupboards would supply if I relied on them altogether. Great use of the ingredients. Looking forward to the posts from France.

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  3. Looks absolutely delicious to me! I’m annoyed and waiting a while to cook. I was folding laundry at 5 PM and husband decided to make himself coffee. He said “I didn’t see anything cooking”–the meal is sitting on the stove in the pan it will be cooked in, and in a foil covered bowl, and will take about 10-15 minutes to cook. I WAS planning on cooking it when I finished folding laundry but now he can wait until I feel like cooking it. I just cut everything up and prepped it a half hour ago. Apparently the things on top of the stove are invisible to him. I fear he won’t have to wait long, however, as I am getting hungry. I keep telling the man to use WORDS to communicate. After 54 years, he still hasn’t figured it out!


  4. Long time reader; first time commenter from the U.S. I have been greatly enjoying your posts about your house in France, and the progress you are making.

    When you shut up your fridge while you’re gone, put some tea bags in the drawers and set out on the shelves and in the freezer. Your fridge will smell wonderful when you return (great tip I learned when my husband was in the navy years ago and we moved a refrigerator which would sometimes be sealed up for a couple of months).

    Your pasta dishes look very tasty! I don’t eat cheese or any other dairy these days, but it still makes my mouth water.


  5. They look lovely and are just my sort of meal.

    There’s nothing better than eating your way through the freezer ….. I can finally see the bottom of our huge chest freezer. If I can get it emptied I will be able to turn it off and defrost it at last …. it needs it for sure.


  6. This is one of my favorite things to do, though hubby does not always agree. I get a thrill when I have to get creative with what is available. It makes you think of new ways to use a food item. Some of these creations have become family favorites others well, let’s say they just fueled the body. Haha


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