Breton builders triumph again

Hello Dear Reader,

The last six weeks have flown by. It’s seems like yesterday that I demolished the faux fire surround masquerading as something it wasn’t. 

It was down and ready to be used as hardcore in under and hour. Monsieur Plombier came out to see us and promised to have it done before we returned for the summer.

He kept to his word and went to  our house on the 12th, removed the old chimney lining, old perished stove, fitted a new lining, new bird proof cowl and a new efficient modern wood stove.

Modern stoves are virtually smokeless as they have a secondary burn where they burn the gases too. The new stove is a 9KW stove and a lot less imposing than the previous stove. The plumber’s colleague, the builder, will be back next week to build the wall behind the stove and all the ‘pipe work’ will be out of sight. There was a slight delay as ‘quatorze juillet’ is a ‘fete nationale’ and the builders had a long weekend. I love that French lifestyle where family comes before work. When you work with French builders, you just have to wait.

I’ll update you with the latest photos of the finish when we get there.

This time next week, we’ll be on the ferry.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


5 thoughts on “Breton builders triumph again

  1. It looks terrific! How great that you have reliable help! comes FIRST….enjoy your stay! Cannot wait to hear more!


  2. It’s beautiful! I do love a nice woodburner. Unbelievably our new house doesn’t even have a chimney and is entirely electrical. Fine, but not so good when the apocalypse comes!

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  3. Here in Wales it was the football coming first over the last few months …. I don’t blame them one little bit, but it slowed the work on the house down 😉


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