I’m here xxxx

Hello Dear Reader,

That’s me that is! Just worn out. A week to go and we’ll be on holiday……well, we’ll be renovating and gardening.

Really can’t add much today. Great sadness for the families in Nice.

My thoughts are with them.

Froogs xxxxx


5 thoughts on “I’m here xxxx

  1. I’m with you froogs, I’m a teacher too and I’m just exhausted now, love my job but it wipes me out. Can’t wait for the holidays, we’ve invested in a new tent do us for holidays for the next ten years. We’re coming down your way this year, two weeks in Cornwall, really looking forward to it, playing on the beach with my three girls. I hope you have a restful weekend froogs, I think you are just fab. You do realise you’re often in my head when I’m thinking about spending money, would she approve? I ask myself. Lots of love from Guildford, xxx


  2. Looking forward to your Brittany posts. Too old to travel to France now but travelling vicariously through you and enjoying it..


  3. I have not sat down in front of the TV since late last night, so am not up to date on the details yet. I get so tired of reading such sad stories of senseless taking of innocent lives. I will read about the rest tomorrow in the morning papers. Many times I think that the papers spend too much time on the stories, and getting copy cats more interested in following suit. It’s too distressing and it’s a huge problem and it’s time the rest of the world gets themselves on the same page to do something to prevent it.


  4. It never ceases to amaze me how mankind treats mankind.

    My daughter is now in her second year teaching and fell sick the week before our school holiday. She spent three weeks very sick and spent most her time sleeping. She got better just as the term began. So teachers look after you.


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