We’ve come a long way already 

Hello Dear Reader,

I must admit, I had a moment today when I though of Maison de Thrift in Huelgoat and thought that we’d never get it ‘done’. Then, I stopped being a ‘numpty’ and thought about the journey and how far we’d already come. On the first rainy August day, the grass was long, the overgrown trees hid the house and wisteria covered the bedroom window and had grown into the house. No one had lived there for thirty years.

We fell in love with the place. We came home and started the buying process.

The trees were all cut down. We turned up at Christmas and had the water and electricity reconnected.

Even in the depth of winter, the hidden house started to reveal itself.

The house was rewired and all electrics brought up to code.

The shutters were sanded back and repainted. They were in really good condition. 

We had the rotten wooden back doors replaced with double glazing. The back of our house has no windows, this made the house secure (one door had been open for years) and let the light in.

We had four cubic metres of logs delivered and I moved and stacked everyone.

We fitted a kitchen.

We demolished the sink.

We fitted a new one.

To the delight of our neighbours, the overgrown hedge has been taken down and we removed all the ivy from the walls to show the lovely stone.

The grotty, rotten and not working properly 1970’s wood stove has been removed. The new one goes in on the 15th and the walls will be made good. 

We’ve made the top floor flat a temporary home whilst we renovate the house. 

We’ve done a lot and we’ve only ever stayed there for twenty one days in total. We’ve locked up and left it three times and everything’s been fine. 

Our next trip?

Build a room, insulate between the beams on the second floor, build a ceiling.

More painting, more garden clearing, some path building, more log stacking. 

Most of all, plenty of walking, sitting in the garden, socialising, reading and resting.

I also need to remind myself that we have years to do this.

We’re there all summer, drop by and say hello.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx


24 thoughts on “We’ve come a long way already 

  1. That’s huge progress!

    I have learned that my mind is not my friend a great deal of the time, and likes to present to me a ludicrously long list of “have tos,” “perfection only,” and “all at onces” and other cognitive errors/motivation killers/overwhelm creators.

    I have finally learned to question each “have-to”, each “perfectly or bust”, and to break each task down into small chunks, completely those and revel as often as necessary in what has been done, to counteract that mind that says it will never all be finished.

    Good on you for taking the photos and writing the post that does that so well for your big adventure!


  2. You’ve done a lot!
    We’ve done quite similar projects in Scrignac but on a much smaller house.
    We hope to drop by!


  3. I remember when I thought we haven’t done much for the time we had the house but when you add up how many days you have actually been there it is quite an achievement, well done, if we are ever over your way we will call in


  4. All that in 21 days you both deserve a medal. You should be proud of yourself as think it would take most people solid months to do that!

    Will you repaint the render do you think or leave it as it is for an authentic French look? X


  5. I commend all your hard work, renovating a house is a time consuming and seems unending until one day you suddenly realize you are done, much like what you have shown, it is amazing how far you have come in a short amount of time !!!

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  6. Just popping by to say I so enjoy reading about your adventures! You both should be so so proud of what you have accomplished. Honestly you are an inspiration and I hope you have a fantastic summer, best wishes, R


  7. Your photos says it all. Brilliant, thrifty but hard slog with an end in sight.
    You will look back in years to come and say, did we really do all this!
    Enjoy the fruits of your labours and most of all enjoy your summer in France.
    …wishing it were warmer here at home now!
    Visiting you from a cold winter here in Sydney, Australia at the moment 🙂


  8. You have both done an amazing amount of work and deserve the reward of feeling well satisfied. You have made a huge difference.


  9. It looks SO GOOOD I want to move in!! Or do my own!! You did an incredible job, and I know you are a perfectionist, but how it is now is very livable, and we never even had such comforts in the house I lived for 21 years!! So take your time at getting it done, and don’t stress!!


  10. You really do have to bite the bullet and just enjoy the process don’t you. It seems like forever when you are doing renovations and decorating but one day you will be able to step back and really appreciate your lovely house.

    This is where having a blog and publishing regular photographs comes to be a permanent record of all your achievements, it’s always nice to look back at what things were like when you are starting to feel a bit disillusioned.


  11. Froogs – great post and yes, you have done a LOT. This has given me a boost. Got the keys to my new house yesterday and it is in a dire situation inside (and out in places) but it is sound and just needs time and work. By today I had cleaned the fridge, the loo – walls, floors, radiator, put a new loo seat on, planted up some flowers in two lovely strawberry planters that had been left behind and that could not afford to buy – plants from nursey – 90p a tray! The hall has been washed and is ready for its first lick of paint. I know little about DIY and live alone so there is much to learn from Youtube and friends…..when I feel fed up, I pop in for a bit of FQ motivation….


  12. You have accomplished so much already! And think of the exercise you’ve had in the process—you’ve saved the gym membership fees and made measurable progress on the house at the same time. We bought a “fixer-upper” for our one and only home 38 years ago—it’s quite amazing how much gets done eventually. Good thing we were younger then, too–now it’s an effort just to keep the place tidy and everything working up to par. I look forward to reading your further adventures in the future!!


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