Weekend plans for living on the cheap


Hello Dear Reader,

Life is really good for us right now. We have a warm safe home, we have jobs, we can pay our bills, we eat well and we have dreams and we’ll be off to liv e those dreams in just two weeks.

Tonight, we’ll put our feet up and watch the highlights of the TDF.

We’ll be off for a walk in the morning, clean the house, cook for the week ahead, some sewing (curtains to finish) family time and some gardening.

Life is wonderful.

Now, I’m on the countdown of a million things to do before we go back to France.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


10 thoughts on “Weekend plans for living on the cheap

  1. Looks like the best kind of weekend! It is hard to remember you get out of school a month after us in the US!
    Finishing up a quilt to bring to the UK for one of the grandchildren….I have enough fabric upstairs to finish it all and make another for the US grandson…..
    Hope you have a great weekend…hot as heck here…the only thing you can do when it is this hot is use air conditioning and fans……not very frugal, but saves heat stroke….!


  2. I admire your steadfastness to your principles and your dreams and the proof of your convictions is certainly evident in what you have accomplished !! Have a wonderful weekend! from Iowa, USA


  3. I must be rubbing off on my daughter. While other families were heading to McDonals or a pancake house after an early end of season soccer match, her request was for me to make a spicy veg masala and early lunch. $2.86 for three huge portions. We went to library,took her practice driving, and walked the dog. So happy for all I have. Wonderful Saturday-spent very little.


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