Pushing the occasional boat out

Hello Dear Reader,

We don’t eat out but every now and then, when I can pick up a bargain in the supermarket, we’ll push the boat out! Three little quick fry steaks for £2.09 in Lidl that I bought last week and froze. A few oven chips, mushrooms and a dollop of coleslaw and DB couldn’t be happier. 

We normally have a budget of every main meal being below £1 so this was a big step up at £1.50 a head. Normally, we work in the 3/4 of the plate being veggies so we fill up on the cheap stuff. 

Thanks for your lovely comments yesterday, it felt like a chat with like minded people. I seldom feel the need to go out and spend money, we’re quite happy as we are. Living a simple life, eating simple food and making the most of simple pleasures make our lives just perfect. There are little touches to our day that just enhance it, from that side by side, you wash and I’ll dry washing of the dishes to the singing along to the radio sharing of our car journey to and from work. Tonight, it’s all about having our feet up, curled up together watching the Tour de France highlights.

It’s a wonderful life.

Here’s a thought for today, today, we’re grateful for our fuzzy flock of Bichons waiting for us when we get home.

How about you?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx 


9 thoughts on “Pushing the occasional boat out

  1. Best bits of my day, finishing all the ironing, lovely neighbour dropping round with plate of home made cakes, free coffees at a local cafe for gifting them something we no longer need and receiving a magazine in the post that my wonderful parents have subscribed to for a year, My father has terminal cancer but is fighting and making the most of every day and we are grateful for every day he wakes up,All these things are free and each in their own way have a meaning!


  2. We’re facing some low earnings of late as husband is 100% commission and things have been slow. Ironic really, as others must be belt tightening as well. I’m implementing my own austerity measures for our house and going to try and live off just my salary for a while and hope things improve, but will keep on making it a challenge to keep the good life in spite of spending little to nothing beyond necessities. http://newframereference.blogspot.com/2016/07/household-austerity-measures.html


  3. Lovely to hear that simple things make you happy and I’m really learning from this. tonight I most enjoyed putting my girls to bed after a hard day at work. We told funny knock knock jokes. I’m sat down for cuddle time with my cat who comes to find me every night and follows me until I sit down.


  4. Today I am grateful for my health so I can do all the things around my home and garden that need doing. I am also grateful for lovely hubby who will vacuum and mop the house today while I am at work.


    • Well said you. we sometimes take our health for granted, without good health things are not too great,My parents aged 82 and 83, Dad with cancer, still take their towels and sheets to a launderette, taking 2 buses to get there, the rest of the washing is done by hand. Mum plays the keyboard, paints, sews, makes cards, cooks and keeps a well ordered immaculate home!


  5. Today I am truly grateful for many things. I have two furry friends called Nimbus and Tonks and their purrs delight my heart. I also have sunshine and very cool breeze for washing day.

    Like you we have a splurge meal. Mum can now longer eat some meats. When I find reduced fillet steak I buy it and make a meal out a tiny portion of steak. It still works out way less expensive than an ordinary rump meal at the local. Also after my whinge I have tightened up the shopping and have set my girl a limit on how much longer she can not live here and expect me to have a whole room devoted to her stuff.


  6. Everyday I write at least five things in my gratitude journal. Even on the day that my darling husband was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer, I found about 20 things to be grateful for.
    And I have a fuzzy little Bichon who I love to bits!


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