Love those leftovers and don’t waste time either! 

Hello Dear Reader,

When I switch an expensive oven on, I like to get my money’s worth. I cooked Sunday lunch, chicken and some pork slices in a barbeque sauce.

Tonight, I cut the sticky pork into cubes, cooked a half cup of rice, chopped up some limp bottom of the fridge veggies and some carrots and beans I had left over from yesterday.

It might seem odd, but I create leftovers just by cooking ahead. I’ll now go back to the fridge and freezer and will cook again on Wednesday to see us through until the end of the week. It’s a busy time of year and getting ahead means I can have a few restful evenings……..and catch up on ‘the tour’ daily highlights. 

I also can’t remember throwing food away, I’m mean, who does that?

I thought I’d add a couple of handy housework hints.

Have a quick clean up everyday

Pop the chair up on the table, sweep and mop, done daily means it never gets too bad and it’s a five minute job.

After washing up, I soak the dish cloth, scrubbers and sponges in some water with a tiny squirt of bleach. The cooker and surfaces get wiped down, the floor is scrubbed and mopped. As its done daily, my kitchen and dining room clean takes less than five minutes. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


9 thoughts on “Love those leftovers and don’t waste time either! 

  1. I love bottom of the fridge dinners, but with 3 of us taking leftovers for lunch at work, there’s not normally many of them.


  2. Snap, my leftovers dinner was yesterdays veg, pasta, cream cheese, garlic mixed in and a hint of chilli, yum, love these sort of meals, Mind you pud was a bounty bought in celebration that our offer of a home in Liskeard was accepted today, closer to aged parents and sister, love the locality, money will be left to go into savings ,cheaper fuel bills and a Poundland and Aldi! one happy bunny!


  3. Yesterday I heated up the last of a squash casserole, the last of some cornbread dressing, and some potatoes I had made in the crockpot. And although two of the items were leftover, it was still good and filling for us. That was dinner for two of us. I wouldn’t dare throw out any leftovers.


  4. I cook to have leftovers, planned leftovers. Right now, it seems I rarely “cook,” just reconfigure things. Right now, I have to chicken to shred for bbq sandwiches. I cooked a hen and six breasts in the crockpot, dropped potatoes and squash and zucchini on the top, cooked until the potatoes were done. Chicken sandwiches, chicken salad, a meal of just the vegetables, and now the bbq sandwiches. I will still have chicken left!


  5. I truly struggle with leftover food. Therefore it is always my plan to cook enough, just enough. However, my fridge is stuffed to overflowing and I am truly anxious about having to use half a roast pork and veg meal as I will not eat pork yet have the dilemma of dealing with it for two others. My aunt kindly gave us 1.5 litres of truly dreadful soup. Then there is soup I made before being given soup. Plus there is stock to freeze and bacon to use. Also there are all the strange vegetables mum falls in love with and I need to research how to use them. Sorry to dump this here. I work on reducing the food in the fridge so I can control waste and next thing it is full of alien stuff.

    The cleaning is difficult too as the house is cluttered as well. I won’t start of that one.


      • How I wish. Winning some small battles today. Today I removed a carton full of junk. At dinner time I dug out leftover veg, bacon and stock and made risotto. I believe you in the giving away and space always fills. I was so careful to try and make just enough and still have two meals left.


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