Prepped for the days ahead 

Hello Dear Reader,

I have a sneaking feeling that your fridge might look like mine. 

For lunch today we had some roasted pork shoulder, roast potatoes and vegetable.

Whilst the oven was in, I cooked belly pork slices in a barbeque sauce (ketchup, brown sugar, paprika, onions, garlic, white wine vinegar – simmer, cover the pork and cook slowly in a tick dish with a lid) .

I also picked up a pack of chicken thighs with garlic butter and booked them too.

So, there’s sticky pork and booked veggies and I’ll cook rice on Tuesday and we’ll have special fried rice.

The chicken has been stripped from the bone, has been plated with roast potatoes, veggies and gravy and under the domes for ding cuisine tomorrow.

Wrapped in foil are our bread rolls and they have cheese and ham and some pickle.

The ham were ‘off cuts’ and in the sealed plastic tub and will go in something, maybe a quiche or frittata. There’s salad, some veggies, spuds and onions in the cupboard and we’re pretty much sorted for the week.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx


13 thoughts on “Prepped for the days ahead 

  1. My fridge not quite as impressive as yours but just made a big batch of pasta salad with lots of roast veg and spinach in it for lunches for the week


  2. your fridge looks wonderful, your organization is an inspiration…mine is empty, with a holiday tomorrow the grocery stores have been crazy so I’m making do with what I have…lots of omelettes this weekend


  3. Fantastic Froogs, how wonderful not to have to think of what’s for dinner or lunch for a while. If you want to have a look at my fridge, I have just posted a blog about food waste and my approach to preventing it. Have a wonderful week


  4. I have some mason jar salads in mine, my daughter and I both eat them for lunches, corned silverside from the other nights tea for sandwiches for the men’s lunches, some reduced minced pork to make dim sims for tonight tea, might have fried rice with them as a surprise treat and reduced veges for soup, reduced butter for cooking, as I was too busy over the weekend working on the elections, to get anything done, 18-19 hours straight on Saturday until after 1am Sunday , but nearly a weeks pay so a nice bonus to top up the emergency fund after depleting it buying solar panels, too tired to do anything yesterday but I’ll make a quiche and slice after work tonight if I can to catch up


  5. I never prep more than two nights/days ahead. I am always worried about it going off by Wednesday. However I do make use of the freezer and do extra.
    I have a routine that as I make the evening meal I do the following days pack ups, unless I know there will be suitable leftovers.
    I hate the getting in from work, and what shall we have for tea, conundrum.
    So much better and cheaper to be organised.
    I wish my fridge was as organised.


  6. I’ve never had booked vegetables 🤔, but I have booked the ferry! More power to your elbow, as my mother used to say!!


  7. I always get ready for the week ahead, I’ve saved so much money, breakfasts,pack up’s and dinners.Stock control is easier and there are no surprises, any left overs are frozen for my night off, which I need, I cannot rember the last time I put anything in the compost bin.


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