Fun in the cheap seats


Hello Dear Reader,

Such a lovely day. Coffee on Plymouth Hoe with friends, a good old catch up. Has it really been seven years? It’s like it was yesterday and we were just checking in.

On the way back to the car, we both had a bag of salty and vinegary chips with a view of the boats. Home to walk dogs and then feet up to watch today’s highlights of the Tour de France.

A few quid for coffee and chips and three weeks of cycling to look forward to. Just lovely and we missed the rain too.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xx


7 thoughts on “Fun in the cheap seats

  1. Plymouth Hoe and chips, my idea of heaven! I replied to your blog on 26th June and told you we are downsizing and moving to Liskeard. We want to be nearer to family and to release some money for our retirement. Today we visited, and plan to make an offer on a property on Monday, we are chuffed as it is considerably less than our bungalow here in Devon. Loved the shops and bought a lovely new top for £14.99. Looking forward to a more relaxed way of life and trips to Looe, which we love, with a flask of coffee and sandwiches on the beach!

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  2. Love your day. I have my knitting planned and want to enjoy the tour. It is broadcast very late here and the highlights are on at an inconvenient time but I enjoy it every year.


  3. And the cyclists missed the rain too ! That part of Normandy is where half of my family comes from. It is beautiful and it was so lovely to see it from the air ! x


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