Thrifty amusement 

Hello Dear Reader,

Quiet weekend at thrift cottage with studying French. Tool box? Nope, that’s the size of a teacher’s stationery kit. 

I’ve got the basics and now I’m learning grammar, imperfect tense today.

The weather is wet for June and the house looks like widow Twanky lives here with laundry everywhere. I must get this lot ironed. 

Still in the middle of fifty days of frugal, still not spending, still keeping myself busy and amused on a shoe string.

Worn out today as was up really late watching Coldplay at Glastonbury. We enjoy it every year except we call it Sofabury. Less mud, no queue for the loo but just as enjoyable. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx


13 thoughts on “Thrifty amusement 

  1. Here’s a bit for you: The imperfect in French also translates as the gerundive as well as the sense of “used to______.” Il marchait dans la rue=He was walking down the street, if not, He used to walk. (inference being that there had been a change. : )


  2. cheap thrills here too…4 vacation days and my only spending will be for necessities…filling the car with gas, cat litter, laundry soap…my fun is finishing hooked rugs, starting another rug, organizing my sewing room and watching shows on Amazon Prime…


  3. I studied French in my last two years of high school, but that was 40+ years ago and I remember very little. This looks like it would be an interesting way to study it again!


    • I studied French at school in the sixties. Its amazing how it comes back when you are surrounded by it. All those verbs we had drummed into us slowly but surely resurfaced even if it took a little time! Helen in France


  4. Sofabury – I love it. There came a time when we decided it was better sound as well – watching in comfort! And we could never afford seats as close as the TV cameras!


  5. I think a lot of things can be enjoyed a lot better from the comfort of your own sofa. Glastonbury for sure, most sport fixtures and definitely car racing … I mean who wants to stand in one spot and see a car whiz past every few minutes or wallow in mud and queue for the toilets at Glastonbury.


  6. Using a charity shop French book here, to, plus my high school and university books….
    I have lots of projects to work on, too…tons of fabric and quilt kits, wool for rug hooking…..
    I do need to spend on animal food! They keep on eating….


  7. Glastonbury, check out Christine and the queens. A French Artist, lots of dance and French and English in her music. I believe she will be very big in the UK next year.


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