Reduced for quick sale

Hello Dear Reader,

Freestyle shopping tonight. Nothing much left in the fridge or freezer so needed a top up. Thus time, I menu planned on the hoof based on reduced items that I bought. Now have salmon 1.88 – cod – 1.74 quick fry steaks 2.09, meatballs – 1.18 chicken breasts 1.53 and a chicken 2.59 in the freezer. Each pack had been reduced by a third. 

There’s only the two of us, so some of those packs will feed us twice. I do my main shop in either Lidl or Aldi and it was great to get the already cheap prices further reduced. 

I don’t normally get to the stores at this time of night but we’d been out and I just got there at there at the right time. I’m told that Waitrose is the best store with the biggest discounts. Locally, we have a Co-op and it’s always worth dropping in an hour before closing which is where we pick up bargains that usually head for the freezer.

Now, I just have to plan my menu for the next week or so.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


8 thoughts on “Reduced for quick sale

  1. Sadly, we don’t have a budget supermarket close to where we live in Cambridgeshire, Our nearest food store is Waitrose, but I do find it has some amazing discounts and I can easily feed my large family (two adults, four forever hungry teenage boys and a fussy six year old) for an average of £120 per week. Depending on which one of us manages to get off work first, myself or my husband will call into Waitrose at least three evenings a week and we only ever buy discounted food. We cook from scratch and a discounted cooked chicken, (usually around £5) can provide enough meat for a stir fry on one night and a risotto the next. At weekends we stock up on fresh produce from our local farm store and that is included in our £120 budget. We don’t think we do too bad for a large family, we have friends who have two or thee children of similar age to ours and they manage to spend more than double that on their groceries.


  2. We do our main shop in Waitrose every week. Friends and work colleagues take the mickey out of us saying that we must be well off to shop there, we completely disagree! We started shopping there after we had had enough of Tesco. We shop at a Daily Bread for big packs of dried fruits, oats etc, a decent butchers for our meat, and the rest of our stuff if not grown on our allotment is from waitrose. I did a price comparison once and asda were more expensive, it all depends on what you buy! Anyway you are right you can get some really good marked down items in Waitrose. I have a big pack of free range belly pork in the freezer which was about £1.92 instead of £8 ish, last week bought 12 free range sausages for just 10p! last night 2 mint plants for the bunnies to nibble on for 10p each, and also have bought large packs of peppers for 10p too!
    I shop at Waitrose mainly for its excellent customer service, and that they have a good animal welfare policy.

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  3. We are trying to curb our grocery spending until after the 30th salary comes in. This week, the blueberries are on sale at our Walmart grocer, 1 pint is $2 (or 1 pound in UK). I bought 2 packs. I was also able to buy a $1 fruit pack with 2 red, 2 green apples and 3 mini cucumbers. I spent $29. I think we did a great job.



  4. I was delighted to find out a few weeks ago that Aldi is putting a new store in perhaps a mile from where I live. 🙂 It’s taking the building from an office supply store that closed last year. Looks like it’s going to be a good sized one, too. I’m trying to do as much no-spend as possible. I’ve got lots of food in my kitchen, have to use it up. Think I’ll just have to buy milk (no UHT here in the States) and perhaps yogurt.


    • Currently there are over 3 million ? Mainland Europeans living in the UK, can you imagine the chaos if people get sent back to their own country? But then, with the rise of the far right, anything can happen.


  5. I think we should all take a deep breath and just carry on as normal. There is going to be a lot of fear mongering for a while. The press just love to play on any info and present it as the end of the world. I would recommend not watching the news too much and avoiding the newspapers. It is surprising how much more relaxed we feel when we are not being bombarded with misinformation all the time.


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