21 of 50 days of frugal

Hello Dear Reader,

The fifty days of frugal is going well. No spend day 21 and 29 to go. It’s going well and money stays in the bank. 

I’m keeping busy, some gardening, busy in the house, walking the dogs, reading, practicing French and my studies. 

We’re doing all we can to keep the energy and food bills as low as we can. I intend to shave at least 25% off each bill. Quick showers, using the double steamer, drying clothes in the garden, washing up in the sink. We’d become relaxed recently and not been so thrifty with bills but I’m determined to cut them again. 

I’m still sticking to a low food budget, home cooking and simple entertainment. 

Anyone else on a no spend countdown?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


21 thoughts on “21 of 50 days of frugal

  1. My husband and I had a discussion today about cutting back on our spending.
    So, I’ll be going back through your archives for inspiration. 🙂


  2. Yes me, now we have DB’s problems sorted we are hoping to go to Brittany in April, I have to scrimp to get the cash together to go, it’s not going to be cheap!!

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  3. I’ve left my former position, downsizing my life in the process, including changing homes. I am cautiously awaiting monthly bills to settle themselves out. As always, this will be a thrifty Summer, as I finish (by the 1st hopefully) setting up this new rental and start searching for a new job.


  4. I admire your determination.. you are so inspiring and you should write a book!
    Good luck in your new venture Froogs x


  5. Sometimes being thrifty is hard, but look back and see where you have been ,and how much you have saved.Its good to know developing the skills to be independent is a possibility and is good for the soul.


  6. Hi Froogs, I was wondering if the whole Brexit thing was impacting you in any way ? Did you vote ? Now that Britain is going to leave the EU (well, there is another 2 years before things become effective) is it going to change anything in the way things were going ?
    I must say, as a French woman teaching English, this whole thing leaves me immensely perplexed and a little worried…


    • I was thinking these thoughts too. I just wish more young people had voted, it is very important for them to have a say in our country.


      • Froogs, you were the first thought I had when waking up to the news. Must confess that the reporting of this in the U.S. has been inconsistent in content, but the difficulties for foreign residents both in the UK and that of British citizens in EU countries has been a common thread. Please keep us posted!


    • I was thinking of our dear Froogs when I was tuning into BBC Radio online to listen to the results here from the States. I’m sorry for the outcome. My retirement savings (known as a 401K here) took a big hit (lots of stocks) yesterday. This isn’t good for any of us. Hugs and good thoughts for my friends across the pond. Hope you come out OK.


  7. I need to shrink my spending too. I am trying to use what is at home but I have such a short memory and small will power. Need to exercise them. Best wishes.


  8. I took on a part time job to do some of our projects quicker, we have finished some of the small indoor repairs but it is time to buckle down and save to finish the things that need good weather to complete, roof and paint is my goal by end of warm weather! We eat less when it is warm so our food bill should go down – as well as supplementing from the garden.


  9. I apologize for offending you. You removed my post from facebook so I am guessing you took offense. I meant no disrespect and actually I didnt think my words were disrespectful. Like I said I wish nothing but the best for you and your country. Again I am sorry for whatever I said that uoset you.

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  10. Hi Jane – How will the Brexit vote affect you and your house to and from Brittany? Personally I think the British people were crazy to vote to leave as the repercussions in jobs and the economy in general are going to be HUGE.


      • Dear Froog, there was British citizens living in France before 1973. And British neighbours are now a very common thing in France, and usually valued. So there will be a way, maybe with a lot more paperfiling and bureaucracy – unless things really go bad after may 2017 presidential election in France. From this side if the Channel, that’s another consequence of the british referendum “trash talks” : it gave enormous fuel to French extremist party, and they were already in a very good form.
        Good luck to you (and all of us), but I’m pretty sure you will be able to become a valued part of Helgoat inhabitants in the long term.
        (sorry about my english, I’m French)


  11. I keep checking in here, hoping to read that you two have digested the shock of this awful referendum outcome and have some idea how to keep pursuing your dreams in spite of it. I’m so sorry and I fear we might have a similar shock in November on this side of the Atlantic.


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