Discount veggy risotto and a week before payday 

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s been another week of hunkering down and not spending. It’s lovely at last to not need any heating, very little lighting after what felt like a never ending winter. 

The washing up by hand is going well, I’m using much less water. We tend to just boil the whistling kettle on the gas stove and a bowl full of water does it just fine. We’re also keeping food costs down too. I’m making one shopping trip last two weeks by adding bits and bobs from the freezer and the cupboards.

We’re a week away from pay day when we can move more money into savings, a usual monthly mortgage overpayment and that Spurs us on to not spend money. 

I’m filling my time with hobbies, my studies and learning French……I’m up to future tenses now as well as connectives and prepositions.  It’s not easy but I’m pushing on. 

I have days when I’d like to eat out, go shopping and have a day away, I’m only human and I’d love to spend money but I leave us enough money for the month’s fuel and food and bank the rest along with a mortgage overpayment. It takes away any ability to impulse purchases and I have to stick to a budget. If I can stretch the shopping, as I have this month then I can use the balance for anything I fancy. As the freezer and cupboards have plenty for the week I’m going to keep my eyes open for some ‘new’ jeans on eBay. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


14 thoughts on “Discount veggy risotto and a week before payday 

  1. Have you tried the £10 denim jeggings from Sainsburys, Froogs? They are wonderfully stretchy and comfortable but still quite robust strong fabric and wash really well, unlike some other jeggings. They’re also quite long for taller ladies and come in a lovely dark flattering blue plus black and grey too, and I think there’s a white for the Summer. After getting these I never want to wear ordinary jeans again….

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  2. Lots of French people confuse future and conditional so I suppose it’s quite difficult to learn. But knowing your amount of willpower, I’ve no doubt you’ll get there ! Bon courage ! C


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