No Blog today

Died doing the job she was democratically elected to do. No words. 




11 thoughts on “No Blog today

  1. Very sad to hear this on the news tonight. Your country is not used to having people shot down left and right, and it’s very sad to see it happen to anyone, let alone the mother of young children. Here in the states, we DEFINITELY need to get the assault rifles, at the very least, out of the hands of civilians. Especially mentally ill civilians. Sad state of affairs for both countries, and I am certainly on the side of reasonable gun controls.


  2. Shocked! Horrified and appalled – the violence we are witnessing and some experiencing is projecting us back to times when dictators ordered henchmen to wreak havoc on the populous. Now we the everyday people are doing it to ourselves. Sincere condolences to Jo Cox’s family and to the people of England…so much pain in our precious world!


  3. Yes, there is too much pain and suffering being inflicted on people just living their lives who are robbed of this from hate and bigotry. I wish sincere condolences for Jo Cox’s family. Iowa/USA


  4. It is heartbreaking. Birstall is about 20 minutes away from where I live and the disbelief in the local and wider community is ongoing. It started out a normal day and ended in the most tragic way. She was a proud Yorkshire Lass and she will be sorely missed and mourned. RIP Jo Cox xxx


  5. A change in attitude toward each other is well overdue. We live in a world where there is no respect for our fellow man and certainly a lack of love for one another. When we don’t see eye to eye, the response is anger and sometimes physical rather than trying to understand. Guns aren’t the problem. PEOPLE are the problem.


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