Please leave some love here for Jack

Hello Dear Reader,

When any of us put ourselves in the public domain we open ourselves to criticism. 

I get that.

What Jack has been through is beyond contempt!

Jack’s a lovely human being.

End of!

Leave your love for Jack Monroe.

Mother, political anti-poverty campaigner, social commenter, cook, cook book author and blogger. 

I read Jack’s blog from her early days, bought the cook books and have cooked the recipes.

To the Twitter terrorist who made Jack’s life utter hell…….you’re just an asshole.

Until tomorrow, Jack you are a personal hero of mine and I’m here personally sending you a million hugs xx

Love Froogs xxxx


55 thoughts on “Please leave some love here for Jack

  1. Jack you are a wonderful caring and strong person. It’s the trolls who are nasty weak miserable people who are only happy when they’re horrible to others …it says more about them doesn’t it ?
    Chin up and keep cooking writing and caring we are are behind you.x


  2. I’ve been reading Jack’s blog/s for a long time and find them valuable and entertaining. I can’t imagine what kind of people are so vindictive threatening and unkind and what they get out of it. I do hope Jack doesn’t get forced out of the great things she does because of it. Not deserved.

    All this is easy for me to say because I’m easy going and tolerant of difference. Not so everyone. Keep you your good work on your blog too Froogs!


  3. What a dark place you must have been in; how horrible for you! Please remember the people who love you VASTLY outnumber the evil trolls. Praying for you. Be kind to yourself.


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