My money saving bucket

Hello Dear Reader,

Here in SW England, our local water company is the only company and charges more for the water we use than anywhere else in the UK. If we had unmetered water, we’d pay over £1000 a year just to wash. I’m not unusual in Cornwall that I ration my water use and recycle water at every point. 

If we used as much water as we liked then our bill would be around £800 a year but we are careful and get it down to £600. We have on demand gas boiler water heating and it drives me crazy that it runs litres and litres of water before it gets hot! This winter, we’ll have an electric shower fitted to save us water as the hot water will be instantaneous. 

As you can imagine, I find a few odd ways to use water again. I hand wash some clothes instead of switching the machine on. The whites will soak over night, be wrung out and rinsed in another bucket. Then in the spirit of water saving, any dark clothes will go into the soapy bucket and will sit there. The rinse water? That’ll flush the loo. 

Clothes are only washed when they actually need it, towels are hung up to dry and used a few times. The duvet cover is turned over to last longer. 

I have a water butt in the garden and that is used for washing the car and watering the garden.

I’ve got to the point where it isn’t just about the money, it just seems best not to waste water, but the cost of an everyday commodity does irk me! So expensive! I’m better off than a lot of people who not only live in fuel poverty (can’t afford any heating) but water poverty ( can’t afford to use the washing machine, flush the loo or have showers) on top of not being able to afford to eat properly.

You might have guessed but I don’t like South West Water!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


17 thoughts on “My money saving bucket

  1. I know your water is very expensive but last week we went to Cornwall for a few days and I loved drinking it. It was such a nice change from the chemical tasting water we have in Hampshire.


  2. Seems mad to me you are charged so much for water when you live in an area that has so much rainfall , my friend moved to Cornwall 5 years ago and tells me she had to buy a tumble dryer to get clothes dry as its always raining!!

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  3. I understand the water pain. Our solar heater died under warranty and the plumber has installed a temporary hot water system that is instant and it is miles to the bathroom. Our water is far from cheap too. Living in Australia I realise that water is precious but I am not looking forward to the next electricity and water bills.


  4. we had a massive drought a few years ago and water was expensive and rationed. I recycled water from the washing machine shower and sink and basically had to change my garden to a no water arrangement that could survive a drought and on recycled water. Good for you. x


  5. Your water charges are very expensive. We’re not on a meter, just a yearly charge, which is £314.58 here in the Midlands.


  6. One of the biggest differences I noticed when we moved from the south of England to Scotland was the lack of water bills – what a relief! We had a water meter in England and were always rationing water (eg saving water in empty milk cartons while we ran the hot tap and waited for hot water to come through, using it to flush the loo or water the garden). Up here we pay a flat rate water charge in with our council tax so water isn’t rationed. We get a lot of rain too so I would also feel it was a rip off if our water was rationed. Years of rationing water still makes me very aware of wasting water, even though I have no water bills coming through the letter box.


  7. Isn’t it something to do with a relatively low population paying for coastal defences on a large amount of coastline? My daughter had a similar experience when she moved from south London to the West Sussex coast.


  8. Here in Indiana our water bill is quite affordable, however they charge a sewer fee that is based on water usage, and it’s usually equal to water cost. Not all our water goes down the sewer! Needless to say we are careful with usage. I save bath water to flush the loo, also have a pan in kitchen sink to catch any rinse or warming water. It’s just getting very expensive to live simply with no extras. We are putting up a rain water system to save water to a cistern for our garden. We are fortunate our rainfall is plentiful here. We do have an instant water heater and its wonderful. You should like it very much.


  9. We’ve just downsized to a house with a water meter, so just getting used to being more thoughtful about usage. So will use some of your tips. We use towels again and again too and use a flat sheet between us and the duvet so just wash that sheet, top pillowcases and bottom fitted sheet.


  10. Are you metered? We live in Gloucesferhire and pay under £600 a year unmetered via Severn Trent. In 2007 (?) they were excellent here when the floods were awful and poor Tewkesbury was an island – well excellent in Gloucester anyway, as they put up bowsers and generally made sure people had enough. I think S-T, considering they have such a big catchment, do very well at keeping our rates reasonable.


  11. I live in New Jersey (US) and our water bill is relatively low. I get a bill every quarter for around $20 and I use the water whenever I want to. I don’t waste it but I use it liberally and also water the garden in the warm weather months. I think your water bill is very high! It’s only your husband and yourself using the water so I can’t imagine what large families have to pay.


  12. I am still in the process of learning the ropes of good finance! Really, managing budgets and money is not learnt from school but learnt from the streets of life.



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