Cooking for lunch boxes

Hello Dear Reader,

I don’t think DB and I have ever bought our lunches, we always take our own lunch and coffee. If we didn’t we could easily spend £5 to £10 a day. At the lower end, saving £1000 a year, at the higher £2000. We work on one pound per person for main meals and fifty pence for breakfast. 

Loaf of homemade bread, cheddar and sundried tomatoes. Great with butter for DB’s breakfast with coffee.

I don’t think it’ll last long, DB loves homemade bread( no I can’t/don’t eat it)

Homity pie. Potatoes and parsley out of dad’s garden. 

Roll out and blind bake the pastry,

Add cooked chopped potatoes.- 500g

Bunch chopped parsley

1 large onion, finely chopped and sautéed in a little butter

150g of grated cheddar 

4 cloves of crushed garlic.

50ml milk

20g butter.

Combine the ingredients and pop into the pre baked crusts. 

Bake at 180 for twenty minutes

(No, I can’t eat these either)

Did you wonder what I did with the gammon hock once I cooked it? Half of it was chopped and went into the quiche along with cooked potatoes, another sautéed chopped onion , 100g grated cheddar, four beaten large free range eggs. Combine and add to a pre baked quiche case. 

( nope, can’t eat this either, yes it’s all for him and yes he’s spoilt)

That should keep DB in lunches for the week and save us money. Wrapped in foil, it’ll all last in the fridge for the week just ready for DB to grab and take to work. 

I’ve also cooked: roast lunch for today and tomorrow too and that’s stacked in the fridge too. I think that’s the week just about sorted.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx


7 thoughts on “Cooking for lunch boxes

  1. Homity pies looks lovely. I will be trying that this week. It is shocking how much money is wasted on lunches and coffee. I always take homemade lunch to work but have difficulty persuading DB.I am now going to work out how much we spend on meals per day and if my breakfast is more than 50 pence.


  2. I just found out that it is possible to make crustless quiche and is delicious and filling. I dont miss the pastry (low carbing) and neither does my husband, though he sometimes makes toast to go with his. I found instructions on the web (Of course) and then adapted my favourite recipes – brocolli and cheese, courgette, or beet and feta.


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