Poundland pie?

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Hello Dear Reader,

I buy all sorts of odds and ends in Poundland and I spied the pie filling.

It has no gluten, it was just a quid so I gave it a go. 

Ok, I got a quid’s worth. I added a few cooked chopped potatoes, some salt and pepper as it was a bit bland. Made some gluten free pastry and made a pie for our supper.

The pastry cost 50p so about £1.60 in all and 40p a portion and not bad with a heap of buttery greens. We’ll eat the same again tomorrow with veggies under 80p a portion.

I don’t think Delia Smith would be impressed but it wasn’t bad as pies go. As I can’t eat gluten, I miss pies and pastries. This just hit the spot today. Poundland pie anyone?

Love Froogs xxxxx


7 thoughts on “Poundland pie?

  1. My son introduced me to Poundland, love it! Inspired by your blog , we shopped at Lidl today. It is not too near to us but I am impressed with what we have bought, so many bargains! I enjoy shopping day meals made with leftovers from previous weeks shop and today 1 wrinkled pepper 3 tomatoes 1 onion roasted in microwave , spiced up with chilli made a lovely dip had with carrot sticks and a dip made with cream cheese mayo and garlic! Left over spuds cooked ready for tomorrow. I hate to waste food, I make meat and tatty pie for my lot and they always love it, now new kitchen done, back to bread making too! Happy Days! Now trying a no spend week, that should be fun, hopefully Lidl shop will see us through!


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