Keep a hold of yours!

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s a usual weekend in Thrift Cottage, the washing is done and hung around the house drying. I’ve cooked, bathed dogs and had a clean……and a think.

The dishwasher, nine years old and repaired twice has died and gone to be recycled. We’ve decided as there’s just the two of us, to not replace it. I might keep my eyes open for a second hand under counter freezer so if I see bargains then they can be stashed away. I’ll think on it. For now, I’ll have the luxury of having somewhere indoors to put a bin. Get me!

Things like this make me happy. An unfranked stamp that I can use again. Little things eh?

Snaffled a bargain from Morrisons of a gammon knuckle. Cook in a pan of water for about an hour, strip the meat from the bone and use like ham.

Kept covered in the fridge, it’ll go in all sorts of meals and sandwiches over the week. No excitement and nothing to see here …..move along please.

Forty one days left of my fifty days of frugal, where I’m being as thrifty as possible to keep as much as my income in the bank and spend next to nothing if I have my way! We’ll be back in France in forty one days and we’ll be there for four weeks. We’ve more renovation plans to save for. We’d better get on with it. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


9 thoughts on “Keep a hold of yours!

  1. Be careful with that stamp – someone sent me a letter with a reused stamp and the franking was invisible. Thrifty for her, not for me.


  2. When our dishwasher started to leak we took it out, made a curtain to cover the hole and put in shelving. It now holds my canning jars and jars of food from the garden, the tension rod for the curtain was laying in the “I may need one of these someday” box and the fabric for the curtain was an embarrassingly old piece of a tablecloth!!

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  3. We always said that we wouldn’t have a dishwasher in france but we gave in, I am trying to follow your advice and not spend so much money, also after 16 yrs we are still looking for lamb sharks here but have never found any

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  4. We were always a bit snobbish about not having a dish washer (apart from not having room in our galley kitchen). However, the house we moved to 5 years ago had one in situ and it was love at first sight for DB, who immediately christened it Dolly. They’ve had a close and personal relationship ever since which I’m delighted to encourage!

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  5. Do you ever use a pressure cooker. Very economical way of cooking. Dishwashers use far less water than washing up by hand and get your dishes cleaner. Even when I am on my own, when DH is away I still use mine. Helen in France


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