Peppers stuffed with leftovers 

Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve always got something in the freezer that I can add something to. I had a portion of bolognaise sauce. I cut two peppers in half, added my mince and tomatoes which I spiced up with some ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and topped it with slices of cheese. 

I cooked them at 180 for thirty minutes and had them with more cheapy Aldi salad. 

You could stuff peppers with anything. They are great with chilli, spicy rice and vegetables, mushrooms in a cheese sauce or spicy minced beef. 

I’m going to cut my shopping expenses so there might be some cobbling together, lots of cheap seasonal salad. Even the blandest of 39p iceberg lettuce tastes fine with some homemade dressing. You could add some crusty bread or serve with rice. The cheese was slices from a pack of 99p sliced Gouda, again from Aldi. 

I’ll now go and have a dig around in the cupboards and put together a cheap plan for the next week.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


4 thoughts on “Peppers stuffed with leftovers 

  1. I need to really tighten our belts we have go save for the insulation and electric install in the garage. I refuse to Put it on credit. I love your site it helps me so much.


  2. Yes, Froggs thanks for your continued ideas and easy and filling meals. Hoping many young and starving kids you are helping us all with your input and budget.. Thanks and God Bless you and Family…….


  3. Looks delicious! We literally just moved houses, and are now in a rented townhouse condo-back to communial living and reducing monthly costs in the process. I continue to cook from stored foods, currently to reduce what is on hand, saving $ in the process. I need to let the dust settle, and the new living costs to come in. I’ve estimated that I’ll be saving $1000/month. Time will tell.


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