Tinned salmon fishcakes…fifty days of frugal.

Hello Dear Reader,

I have just under fifty days of frugal. My next financial goal is to buy a set of stairs €350 and fixings and wood when we fit them. It’ll join up the house and the apartment. So, tight purse strings mean we are back to not spending anymore than we really must. Our shopping bill, fuel bill, energy bills and personal spending all have to be cut back.

Here’s one of our cheap meals. 

Tinned salmon fishcakes and salad. 

Iceberg lettuce, shredded carrot, cherry tomatoes, sliced yellow pepper, chopped cucumber and homemade dressing. All from Aldi, all very cheap.
My salmon is a 99p tin from Aldi, with four medium mashed potatoes, a beaten egg, sprinkle of chopped parsley from the garden, zest of one lemon and salt and pepper. Simply shaped into fishcakes 

I cooked them in a non stick pan with spray oil and served it with a squirt of lemon juice. I made six and have popped two into the fridge for lunch tomorrow. 

Cheaper than a portion of chips! 

There’ll be lots more of cheap meals over the next fifty days of frugal. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


12 thoughts on “Tinned salmon fishcakes…fifty days of frugal.

  1. When we were growing up, mum would always make a fish meal on Fridays. Salmon cakes were always a hit and I still love them. I love that you added the zest of the Lemon, this would add so much flavour, I think I will borrow that idea.
    Good on your for making your dreams a reality. Through hardwork anything can be achieved.
    Have a great day

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  2. I’m not a fan of fish but I do like a home-made fishcake. Mine are also made with Aldi tinned salmon and mashed potato. I have been known to get 8 or 9 fishcakes out of one tin of salmon if I add A LOT of mashed potato – and they’re still very tasty – but, like you, I usually make 6 fishcakes from one tin. I like mine with chopped lettuce and cucumber and lots of Thai Sweet Chilli sauce, a la a nice lunch I once had at a rather upmarket country pub.

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  3. HI,
    What a good idea. I am GF free and have been buying GF stuffing mx to make fish cakes. Very costly in San Diego. A loaf of GF bread is over $5 dollars. I am so happy about this idea will make these for dinner.


  4. I call them salmon croquettes, adding oats, onions, salt and pepper, a couple of eggs. Mama put crushed saltine crackers instead of oats. I never heard of putting in mashed potatoes, but it sounds delicious. Now, I want to make some.


  5. These are a regular dish in our house, but I tend to dip mine in flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs to give a crisper outer, but either way they are delicious and can be made ahead of time and frozen very successfully.

    Your salad looks amazing 🙂


  6. I think the crackers are more of an American idea. I have always used potatoes. But Froogs thank you from the bottom of my heart as I have never thought of adding a little lemon rind.


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