Taking three fluffies to France

Hello Dear Reader,

Our last trip was our first time we took all three of our fluffies to France. When ever we went away before we were very lucky to have a home dog sitter who cared for the dogs in her home. Nonetheless, it was always a wrench to leave them. I thought I’d share the costs of taking pets on holiday. 

The initial outlay of the pet passports were expensive along with rabies immunization was about £70 per dog. Ours had microchips any way. When you travel, at the port as you hand over your ticket and passports, you also handover the pet passports. The unique number inside the passport corresponds with the number that shows on the scanner from the microchip which sits somewhere under the dog’s collar. 

The ferry charged us £16 per dog for each return journey. They stay in the back of the car in traveling crates. Our dogs are not good travelers and took prescribed sedatives for £38 with the vet, including the check up by the vet. So, £86 for the three for each return trip. It’s a lot of money but our dog sitter charged £60 a day for her very good professional service. 

The best part of our home from home is that our pets are with us. They sleep at the foot of our bed, they keep us company whilst we work on the house, they walk everywhere with us. 

The bad parts are the dogs are shut in the car. The ferry service make ‘dog cars’ arrive first, then they load us last and unload us last. The theory being your dogs spend longer with their owners. We walk them around until the moment that we’re given the signal to load. 

Whilst the car is in the ship, we leave the windows open as it can get warm in there. Dogs can cope with being cool but heat can kill them. The car decks are locked so no one can get to the cars. Dog owners can go visit their dogs at prescribed times. As ours were sedated, we left them to it. 

I’m glad we made the change to take the dogs with us, we miss them when we’re away. What’s more, bichons are a French breed and I think they fitted in just fine. 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


7 thoughts on “Taking three fluffies to France

  1. It wouldn’t work in the States, as it is so hot in the summer…even with windows partly open, the temps would quickly become deadly…
    Glad you are able to take yours. You are so lucky to be able to get to another country so quickly!
    Enjoying your posts of France! I am happy you took time to relax a bit! The village is lovely, as is your house!


      • I’m not the original commenter, but in many parts of the US, leaving your animals in a vehicle in the summer results in pets dying, unfortunately. The weather is just too hot and humid. Sadly, this even happens with babies and toddlers when parents forget the child is in the rear seat. 😦

        Driving isn’t an issue as long as you don’t leave the animals in the car. It is very hot here. I’m in the Chicago area and we will be near 100F/37C this weekend with high humidity. That’s dangerous weather.


  2. It’s worth every penny, as long as they cope with the sedatives they will be so much happier making the trip with you each time. I think it’s a bit shocking that they charge so much per dog on the ferry, after all they stay in the car with no access to anywhere else on the ship so they could be stuffed toys for all the impact they have on the ferry.

    Without your dogs with you you wouldn’t have had half of the conversations you’ve had with the locals while over in France as well, so they are your passports to friends in a new country and as such totally worth paying for.

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