There’s a little village in France….

Hello Dear Reader,

We’re back in beautiful blighty, had a Sunday roast, plated up meals for tomorrow, picked the chicken clean and made a pie. Ironed clothes for work tomorrow. 

Huelgoat can wait for a couple of months. When we return, we’ll have a fully functioning wood stove and we can finish work on the downstairs. Our next economic target is to save up for a set of stairs with a right hand turn and some walling material including insulation. It’ll then join up the three floors to make it into one four bedroom house. It’s a big challenge but we always aim to complete the big structural stuff first and leave the pretty things for another day. 

For now, here’s some Huelgoat photographs. When you visit somewhere, you get to see the main stuff, the money shots you’d find on postcards but it’s only when you live somewhere that you get to see the workings in the backstreets. 

Let me walk you around my village. Chapel on the hill….at the end of my rue.

Eyes left, the one way system we drive round.

Parking for the locals.

Sign for the chapel.

Road of heaven.

Chapel of our lady in heaven.

Turn right by the chapel and head out of town.

La Poste. They love my dogs! When we walk them in the mornings, the posties are arriving for work and they’ve all snuggled the dogs.

Don’t park here unless you’re a postie! Post office just down our street.

Ferry on the way home was lovely, a snooze in a cheap day cabin.

Followed by a snooze in the sunshine up on deck.

Back to money saving normality, small budgets and big savings. It might seem like a big sacrifice to plan for retirement now but it’s worth all the work to us.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


12 thoughts on “There’s a little village in France….

  1. Hi Froogs, I so love reading about this fantastic goal you are working towards, you are an inspiration, and it just goes to show what hard work and team work can achieve. Have a wonderful week.


  2. Could you spell the name of the French village phonetically? My high school French is not keeping up! Just curiosity on my part. So much fun to watch the progress.


  3. I think it is always sad to return to UK but at the same time it is a time to save up for the next visit, we found we could cope as long as there was not too big a gap between visits.


  4. It looks really good, I love the lamp post. I wonder why French things are just so much ‘nicer’ than ours. It’s the back streets little nooks, crannies and alleyways that I love to find when I visit a place. You’ll be feeling more and more at home with each visit I bet.

    Have you decided to incorporate the flat into the house then rather than keeping them as two separate living areas?


  5. … oh and I meant to add did you watch the programme on tv last night ‘Escape to the Chateaux’ with Dick Strawbridge and his partner doing up a French chateaux on a budget?


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