Happy gardener

Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve spent today in a dark room with a migraine and DB has held the fort. He’s washed all the laundry and dried it in the garden, bathed all the dogs, finished some shopping and looked after me. DIY has been packed away and the car is packed for our early morning departure.

Yesterday, in turn, we chatted to our neighbours. The French lady was complimentary about the garden, the lack of hedge and that we’d asked her thoughts before we did anything. Our other neighbours, an English French couple popped in and were also happy to be consulted. The hedges, not the one in the picture, were over grown and oppressive and all parties are glad they’ve gone. 

I’ve surprised myself that I’ve loved working in the garden. My sore back, sore knees and sore feet are not too happy. I’ve cleared out all the twigs, debris and leaves from where some trees were felled. In years to come, when I have a lovely French garden, I’ll remember all the dirty work.

I’m running the Internet on 3G and it’s flaky so not been able to upload pictures but I’ll do that from Cornwall tomorrow.

See you tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


4 thoughts on “Happy gardener

  1. Sorry to read about the migraine and happy to hear that you are loving the garden. Good for you removing the hedges- too much shade is the enemy of older gardens. People go berserk here if you remove a tree but without sun things can get so gloomy and dank, not to mention the issues that roots can cause to pipes. I am dying to see your french garden evolve and really hope you shove in some hardy and low maintenance roses and fruit trees. Off topic but I have been channeling you and whipping up meals from the pantry and freezer and loving myself sick about the lack of waste x


  2. I have been reading your blog for over a year now and you have inspired me to adapt to your ways. I have managed to save slightly over 50% of my yearly salary last year by following your ideas. I found that I don’t miss all the “stuff” I used to consider essential. I love when I log on and you have posted about your cooking. I am from the States and consider Brit cooking exotic😄 By using your ideas I haven’t thrown out any food in over a year. Tonight I had about 10 slices of bread that had gotten kind of hard so I whipped up a batch of French toast. I freeze it and pop a piece in the toaster as needed. My goal is to buy or build a small home and put at least half down on it and pay off the rest at an accelerated rate. Having things is nice but having money in the bank is MUCH nicer. Keep it up and keep the recipes coming! Thanks so much for all your help.

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  3. Things are coming along so well. It looks wonderful. I am sorry to hear about your migraine. I too have suffered since I was six – it would seem a family affliction. My son persuaded me to have a diath piercing in the cartlidge in my ear four months ago. Since I havent had a single migraine when I used to have up to two a week. You should give it a try. I am so glad I did. X well done for all the hard work its paying off x


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