DIY over for this trip, time to relax. 

Hello Dear Reader,

We’ve done some more work on the house and I’ve been tidying the garden. I’m still clearing logs from tree felling and digging out years of mulched leaves that that created earth mounds around the garden. 

We are now on a break, giving ourselves a long weekend break before we go home on Sunday. What isn’t done, isn’t done. I find that particularly hard. It’s part of my personality that when I start something I have to keep going until it’s done. It’s incredibly frustrating but I will have to deal with it. 

The back of the house is a two metre wide stretch of path/earth/weeds that will take me a week or more to dig out and turn into a path. So, here’s my shopping list: cement mixer, hardcore, paving slabs and drains. My summer will be fun. 

The old sink has gone, the new one is in. If I’m washing up by hand, everything is too low and the new units are my height to work at. We have more wall units to put up too. We’ll be back for four weeks in the summer and we’ll be able to do loads more and factor in relaxing times too. 

Tomorrow, the wood stove fitter is coming, along with the builder to finalise the plan of work for our new wood stove. An energy efficient, double burn stove, which means less heat goes up the chimney  that will be our main source of heat. We’ll hand over a cheque and the house keys and a lot of good faith. 

This afternoon, the dogs go to the vet to have their pre travel checks and the rest of the time is our own.


11 thoughts on “DIY over for this trip, time to relax. 

  1. Such beautiful progress – be proud!! It’s a lot of back-breaking work but the results are fantastic and when it’s complete you can really take stock of your achievements!!


  2. Argh I remember it well, we used to work the whole time and would need a holiday to get over it but it got to the point where we didn’t know where home was so moved permenantly and have never regretted it


  3. It is just a question – why do the dogs have to visit the vet before they travel back to the UK? Is it a legal requirement? It probably sounds a dumb question but as I don’t have pets I am curious!


  4. It really has come a long way already!! The garden is looking great compared to the first pictures we saw, and you have almost a full kitchen also. Take a break and enjoy!!


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