I found the wall and the plumbing! 

Hello Dear Reader,

Here are our lovely granite walls. Well, I think they are lovely. There were smothered in ivy and the ivy was smothered in spiders the size of shire horses! They were banished to another country as was the snake! 

We’ve had to get rid of the kitchen sink to get to the plumbing behind the wall. We have mostly surface plumbing in the UK, I know that’s messy but at least you don’t have to demolish your house to replace it. Bodge the builder who plumbed the sink and down stairs bathroom used too narrow a waste pipe and it takes an hour for the sinks to drain. DB will replace the drains, then rebuild the walls. 

We also need to replace the water tanks. They cost €250 for the a 240L tank, which is a standard size here. Ours, here in the kitchen is 25L and the bathroom, just 50L which is just about enough to wash one armpit before you’re rinsing with cold water! You learn plumbing quick here as plumbers are rarer than pandas. 

I’ve spend the logs that can’t be burnt for at least two years along the boundary, they can act as a weed suppressant for a while. Next year, they will be stacked but for now the elements can do their thing. The local man advised us not to put them indoors for at least a year. The logs shed is currently full anyway. As you know, we love wood heating and Brittany is perfect for that as it’s covered in trees and most people here have wood stoves. 

I’ll show you the results of our plumbing tomorrow. 

Lots more pictures on my Facebook page.

Love Froogs xxxxx


8 thoughts on “I found the wall and the plumbing! 

  1. Can I ask what did you do with the sink, Froogs? Did it come out in one piece, and if so, might you consider bringing it home with you – depending on what size it is, I love the look of it, it might be just the thing for my soon to be renovated cottage kitchen…


  2. Do be careful with your dogs if there are snakes around. I guess there are more varieties in France than in the UK. At least here only adders are venomous. I must admit I have a snake phobia and am always cautious in the countryside.


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