My four legged ice breakers

Hello Dear Reader,

Huelgoat is popular with French tourists, who’ve heard of the geological phenomena, the lake and the forest. In the high season, some Brits and other Europeans pass through. Most of the Brits who live here have integrated and you wouldn’t tell them apart from the locals. When people speak to you here, they assume you are fully immersed and speak fluent French. Mine is getting better and I understand most of what I hear but I lack practice.

This is where my four legged language assistants are my best aide to language improvement. Three fluffy white bichons have attracted people out of their houses and had people call me over in the street. How old? What are their names? Are they related? Do they take a lot of work? They are so lovely? You keep them very white? I’ve had some exchange or other, every time I’ve taken them out. 

The dogs have people crouched down, or on their knees and my furry friends have been happy to cover them in kisses. I tell them, you have a new friend, be careful they will want to go home with you, or they will kiss you all day if you say they can. They’ve made people interact and I’ve had a chance to talk.

Dogs are wonderful ice breakers. Whilst I was in the bakers and DB sat outside, he and a man had a joke over DB being guarded by his little dogs. 

Today, we had visitors and shared lunch. I’ve taken the dogs on frequent walks so they were not shut in. DB has been fitting kitchen wall units. I’ve laundered and had my clothes bouncing around in the breeze. We’ve also moved logs from the trees recently cut down to a sunnier part of the garden. I’m still loving the peace of this little village.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx


7 thoughts on “My four legged ice breakers

  1. Our little Archie (2 year-old Bichon) is my ice-breaker, constant companion, smile-maker and therapist. Archie fulfills so many roles and we can’t imagine life without him. 🙂


  2. My son worked in France for a year. He often spoke of the French and their love of small white dogs, especially the small westie called Kevin he would see most days on the train on his way to work.
    I got a small west highland terrier cross, sent him some pictures and it was the talk of the office. He said people he didn’t even know were turning up asking to see the photos.
    A true four legged ice breaker.
    How is Huelgoat pronouned? I would guess at weelgo?


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