Hi Honey I’m home!

Hello Dear Reader 

We had a smooth crossing and by ten this morning, we’d unpacked and were having coffee.

Everything still works, no floods but plenty of weeds……I’ll ring the local man who can come and sort that out. The spider came back and he’s been thrown in the garden. The bed is made, the water is heating and I can hear tractors of the farmers going about their business.

The forest is in full leaf and is lush creating a deep canopy behind the house. I’m ready for the owls tonight and hope to see them at dusk. We saw a beautiful deer crossing the road as we drove through the forest on our way here.

I’m now going to change into work clothes as I have a fire surround to demolish by Friday. DB has the kitchen to finish. The sooner it’s done, the sooner we can put our feet up.

Catch me on Facebook and Instagram through our days as I share our little French adventure.

I’ll be around all day- all week xxxx

A bientôt

Froogs xxx


6 thoughts on “Hi Honey I’m home!

  1. Welcome back to France, although Brittany isn’t technically France, It brought back memories of when we would come over for a week or two and the weeds were 4 foot high, we eventually put plastic all over as we had nieghbours and it was better for them and us as it meant we didn’t have to spend a week clearing it, have a good holiday


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