Saturday alterations tunic to fit 

Hello Dear Reader,

My top is a £10 dress from Primark. I buy dresses and wear them as tunic, if I’d have anted this to be a dress, I would have needed to have extended it with the same fabric I used to make the side panels. 

The side panels are two isosceles triangles (learn your maths kids, you will need it!) and I pinned and sewed right side to right side, rolled the hem and then top sewed the seam.

I purposefully used a contrasting fabric to get the lagenlook. The fabric? Off cuts of a men’s shirt I bought in the £1 charity shop. Cornwall st. In Plymouth, if you’re interested. 

I do this as my hips don’t fit but the top half does. I didn’t want a frumpy baggy top so altered the bottom. It took me minutes and fits me modestly without being tight around my hips.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


15 thoughts on “Saturday alterations tunic to fit 

  1. Great fix, my daughter is a bit hippie and states the same with her tops. I will have to show her how to do the inserts, great idea. I had forgotten you were tall. I do the same by often using a dress as a tunic I look for 34 and 36 inch lengths to be sure the bum is covered. Our styles are similar. I love tunics and leggings and base most of my wardrobe on this. The fabric patterns are very attractive and complimentary.


  2. When I was a child in the 1970s bellbottom pants were all the rage. My mom took my straight leg pants and using the same sewing method you did on your tunic turned all my pants into flared bellbottoms (sewing the inserts into the outside leg seam)! Thanks for bringing back that memory!


  3. Great job, and it looks great too. Are sleeves ever a problem for you? My sister and I are built just like you are, and long sleeves are always too short. Typically they are cut to 3/4ish if possible. If there is a cuff, it comes off and I try to add trim or contrasting fabric.

    Have a good trip and hope you accomplish all you desire, with some rest too. It’s Decoration day here in US. Families were out cleaning grave sites and putting flowers out this morning.


  4. I love it!! It’s very attractive and the two fabrics work well together. I, too, am bigger around the middle than on top, and can rarely wear a one piece dress for that reason. For a while it was easy to find two piece dresses but there are few around these days. Thanks for sharing.


  5. What a brilliant idea! Looks good. I am apple shape so often things are just too snug around the waist area – I am going to have a rethink about a way around this! I love your ideas!


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