And back to France

Hello Dear Reader,

We’re off to France on Sunday to do some more work in the house. Just a short trip this time for just a week. We’ve got the kitchen to finish and the fireplace to demolish as the insert, the actual wood burner inside, has totally rotted through. We will use the rubble to add to the base of paths which we’ll lay some time in the summer.

We have a whole heap to do but we’re not going to rush as we’ll spread the cost over the next year or even longer. 

We’ve been truly deeply frugal and saved the €2000 to have a new fire fitted, plus saving for the ferry ticket to travel this week and in the summer break. 

I’m really looking forward to returning, to the village, the peace of Brittany and mostly just time with me and DB.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


10 thoughts on “And back to France

  1. Fill up with fuel be for you come over there are big problems in some areas getting fuel due to the demonstrations against the Labour reforms


  2. I am green with envy. Your house looks as though it is coming along very nicely and you are doing all the things I wish I had the opportunity to do in my younger years and I love reading about you French connection. Keep it coming with lots of detail.


  3. I knew you would manage to find the money – you are such an inspiration.
    Have a good week – looking forward to seeing the photos.


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