Well burger me!

Hello Dear Reader,

It’s suddenly summer and definitely barbecue weathe………………………although we don’t own a barbecue and the smell of them really isn’t for me. Instead, I just used a hot skillet and did nothing to my burgers but add salt and pepper and plenty of it.

I served them in panini rolls with cheese, salad and cornichons. 

It’s the first proper thing I’ve cooked in days. We’ve mainly had baked potatoes or egg salad.

I thought I’d show you my gluten free version, I just left off the bread and cheese………as I didn’t fancy any. 

It’s a bit more expensive to make the burgers myself but I find the shop burgers shrink so much and can go a bit dry. Mine are really thick and chunky and I keep them slightly pink inside. 

I’m looking forward to more salad, more barbeque without the barbequeing.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx


7 thoughts on “Well burger me!

  1. I was at work all day so didn’t get to appreciate the weather but will do tomorrow. yay. Food looks lovely. Well done you on studying. I haven’t studied for since I left university a looooong time ago. lol.


  2. We love grilled foods. We have a grill and rotissorie on the deck outside the dining room. They get used a lot. Hubby does most of the grilling. I do the prep and clean up. Cooking outside keeps the house cooler, hubby does the cooking, healthy foods, and we love the taste. Hubby makes the best grilled pizzas!


  3. Lovely looking rissoles…home made indeed are the best. Great for your approaching summer quick meals. I know you are all hanging out for Summer after a hard and long Winter πŸ™‚
    For us in the Land Down Under we are preparing for our winter to which you would say…that’s not Winter.
    Enjoy your sunshine.
    Alexa a simplelife


  4. I put everything on a old cooling rack placed over a tray, homemade BBQ sauce and pop in the oven, you can BBQ in the winter without being outside, smooth!πŸ˜‰


  5. I know steak is fine pink, however, I was under the impression that undercooked or pink inside burgers can cause food poisoning. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong. I would just be worried for you with your delicate stomach as I have one myself. The burgers do look delicious though. πŸ™‚


    • If your meat is good, it’s fine.
      There is a higher risk of problematic contamination in minced meat because it could potentially come from multiple animals or butchers. Mincing it yourself is a way to avoid that risk.
      I’ve never had a problem, even with supermarket meat… and I eat my burgers blue!


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