I’m back in the room

Hello Dear Reader,

10,000 words later, proof reading, re-writing when I wasn’t happy with it and dropping it to the University on Friday. 

Roll on the next bit of study. 
I’m now going to spend my spare time catching up with family and getting ready for a trip to Huelgoat.

I’m looking forward to reading a couple of novels instead of academic research. I’m also looking forward to some cooking and making some curtains.

Until tomorrow 

Love Froogs xxxx 


6 thoughts on “I’m back in the room

  1. hello froogs, i’ve never commented before – although i’ve followed for a couple of years now (your thoughts have helped me sort out my thoughts).
    well done on all the studying, heaven knows we’ve all been there – and no doubt said we would never go there again! hope it all goes well. looking forward to your upcomming reports of your trip to france. best wishes


  2. Oh, I bet you’re glad to have some time to yourself again! Congrats on finishing. I know you’ll do well! 🙂 A few years back I spent a year studying to get a difficult to get certification for my profession. I had to take the required exam twice (6 months apart) I was never so glad to be done with studying as I was then! I think all I did for the first week was sleep in my spare time!


  3. Hello froogs! Well done you! I think continuing enduation is great. I’m retired but so admire people who soldier on. Love all your blogs whatever the content, thank you.


  4. I remember studying with the OU when I was working full time, it was flipping hard. I would imagine there is a warm glow of satisfaction amongst the exhaustion. Well done


  5. Time for a well deserved break. Even though I will be retired in a year I don’t forsee my “studying” down. However, I anticipate my classes for pure pleasure.


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