What are you prepared to do to get rid of debt?

The back story – how we got out of debt

Frugal Queen

Hello Dear Reader,

I get emails, lots of emails, asking me how I got rid of so much debt so quickly. 

It wasn’t easy, but this is what we did.

First published a year of so ago.

I started by acknowledging that I would never get out of debt if I kept spending so the 
first thing I did was stop spending. I cut our credit cards into the tiniest shards and then burnt them! I told myself then and I tell myself now, if I can’t pay cash for it then I can’t afford it. We then sat down and worked out a penny by penny budget where household expenses came first and next was debts. There was nothing left when we worked out that budget. To begin with, that was enough. 

We then started to snowball our debts. We took all of the debts except one and made 

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2 thoughts on “What are you prepared to do to get rid of debt?

  1. hi I left a comment yesterday about how good your article was but it didn’t get published. I am assuming there is a glitch somewhere. Please keep up the good work.


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