Say ‘neigh’ to the ready meals

Remember the horse meat scandal in ready meals? It’s a good job we don’t eat them. Here’s a retro recipe as I’m up to my neck in something and I’ll blog ‘dreckly’ xx

Frugal Queen

Hello Dear Reader,

Home cooking is not scary and it costs a whole lot less than ready meals and most importantly me for me, I know exactly what’s in it! The supermarkets want to make money out of us and I want to give them as little of my hard earned cash as possible! They will skimp on quality, skimp on knowledge of where the food is sourced from and unfortunately, skimp on questioning suppliers. I fully support buying supermarket value vegetables and I buy value supermarket fish. I know cod from haddock or from Pollock, which is my preferred fish. I am happy to buy carrots of varying shapes and sizes and know the straight long carrots go to Waitrose whilst I buy the shorter nobblier ones in Aldi! That’s fine, I want to eat them and not enter them in a beauty pageant.

So, here’s some recipes for…

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