Can quilt making be affordable?

Hello my lovelies – here’s another blast from the past…………….I’m writing a huge essay, catching up on some stuff and I’ll be back shortly. Have a look at this one xxx

Frugal Queen

Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve had a rummaging through my fabric night. It’s been sorted, graded and the box storage system has been juggled about. 

I have a box or random 2″ strips that will all become tiny blocks and may become a border.

I have a box of 1″ strips that will become tiny partition strips.

I have a box of tiny off cuts that I will cut down into strips and squares.

I have boxes of cut down shirts and items of clothing. These become the bulk of my quilts and form my darks and lights.

I’m in the middle of two quilts and I’m at that stage where I’m struggling to find the motivation to finish either. One is a pattern and needs to be exact. I make myself create ten blocks when ever I can get the will power t to sit and work at it.


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One thought on “Can quilt making be affordable?

  1. I’m a self confessed fabricoholic and sewing is my way of relaxing. I am lucky to live close to an Emmaus and i visit there once a week to rummage through the clothes and linens they are selling. I can buy a cotton skirt for a couple of pounds and that will give me a couple of metres of fabric to play around with. I also managed to purchase an old french armoire from Emmaus for twenty pounds when they were having one of their half price sales. My gorgeous armoire now houses all the thrifty fabric I buy. So far, to date, I have yet to pay full price for any fabric. You cant beat charity shop finds.


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