Old fashioned thrift

Another very cheap old fashioned recipe. No time to write today so here’s something I prepared earlier

Frugal Queen

Hello everyone!

I’m having a big cook up today and I’ll blog it as I go along.

I haven’t made faggots in ages and they are another recipe that sends Dearly Beloved weak at the knees along with apple crumble and steak and kidney pudding. Both of us have parents who were children in war time and grew up in rationing and then brought us up in similarly hard financial times. Hence, the old fashioned recipes that we really love. Faggots are a kind of meat balls which make the most of the very cheapest cuts – offal. Mine have lambs liver and some recipes use heart, but it’s actually quite expensive so I leave it out.

How to? – all ingredients are minced on ‘pulse’ in my food processor. Consequently, this takes no longer to make that it takes the oven to heat up. Start off by putting two…

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2 thoughts on “Old fashioned thrift

  1. I actually like offal, made steak and kidney pie last week. Heart is hard to find I meant to ask at the market last week.


  2. I had a big cook up,i’m working all week and so is my other half, covering holidays.lasagne, cottage pie, meat balls, sasauge pie, poached chicken to go for curry and a pasta dish, come in finish off wash up and crash!!! That’s me done.


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