Cornish Under Roast

Going back over old recipes. They are all ‘old style’ simple old fashioned food.

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Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve never heard of anyone eating ‘under roast’, or calling this ‘under roast’ anywhere outside of Cornwall. It may be unique to us. The word roast is in there in a loose sense as it’s braised. If I had used the oven to finish this off, then the potatoes would have crisped. I usually cook this in my oven, in a casserole dish and remove the lid for the last hour specifically to crisp up the potatoes.

To make a very tender ‘roast, you need to add moisture and flavour under the meat. Traditionally, we would add sliced onions, carrots and diced swede. 

You can use any cheap thickly sliced beef, in days very much gone by when sirloin was cheap then we used that as a treat on a Sunday, now I just use braising steak. I bought ten ‘braising steaks’ for £10 so £1…

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2 thoughts on “Cornish Under Roast

  1. Never heard of an ‘under roast’, how lovely that regions have different terminology for similar dishes. I’ve always referred to meals cooked in a Dutch oven a ‘pot roast’. They are regular fayre in our home. If the main ingredients are sausages and bacon then we call it a Dublin Coddle; it’s the food I was raised on. I mainly cook them in a slow cooker and then when I get home from work all I have to do is take the lid off the pot and pop it under the grill to brown the potatoes and then its ready to go. Cheap, cheerful, nourishing and tasty, and to top it all, the kids love it.


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