Cheap cooking bacon

Hello Dear Reader,

I buy packs of cooking bacon from our local butcher for £1.99 a kilo. I turn the pack over and check to see if there’s big chunks of back bacon. I cook it in a very hot dry frying pan, without any oil and I cut off any fat although there often isn’t much.

Tonight we had big chunks of bacon, more like gammon than bacon, with mashed potato, loads of steamed broccoli and carrots, gluten free gravy to finish it off. Mine is weighed to check portion control. 

As I’ve weighed it, I’ve got 23p of bacon, 10p of potato, 20p of broccoli, 10p of carrots and 20p of gravy – supper for 83p and 590 calories and I’m totally stuffed.

Certainly not nutritionally perfect  but great for 83p.

See you tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxxx


9 thoughts on “Cheap cooking bacon

  1. I get cooking bacon from Aldi, this week it was two really thick slices of gammon, will have one with pasta and grill the other one for a gammon and egg supper.


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