Saturday night fakeaway

Hello Dear Reader,

I found gluten free hot dogs in Poundland but try as I might, I couldn’t find any gluten free hot dog rolls. Fortunately, there were plenty of takers. I just had a hot dog with a piece of gluten free bread……it’s not the same but in my case, it’ll have to do.

I fried two sliced onions, heated the hot dogs and turned the oven up to a high heat. I filled the rolls with the fried onions, popped in the hot dogs and some sliced mature cheddar.

I stuck them in the oven for five minutes until the cheese melted and the rolls were slightly toasted.

Just as DB likes them with ketchup and mustard, with his feet up and watching a movie. I haven’t been to the cinema since Notting Hill was in the cinema and even then we wouldn’t buy a hot dog. They charge a stupid price!  This cost, 15p per slice of cheese, 12p of onion and 15p of hotdog per serving. 42p each, not including supermarket value mustard and ketchup. 

I’ll keep my eyes open for these hotdogs again in Poundland as being gluten free, I could add them to all sorts of dishes. Over to you, what suggestions do you have to use hot dogs? 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx 


21 thoughts on “Saturday night fakeaway

  1. My kids love hot dogs although we usually buy the ones from the fridge in Lidl. My kids will eat them with everything, with pasta and rice is their favourite way to eat them, but on pizza, in omelettes or with yorkshire pudding comes pretty close.


  2. Ketchup on hot dogs?! That would drive many in the Chicago area (where I live) into a tizzy! Ketchup on hot dogs is tantamount to heresy here. In fact, one hot dog shack in Chicago doesn’t even put out ketchup for French fries because they’re afraid people will put it on hot dogs! 😉 I think that’s pretty funny. I always eat mine with mustard and pickle relish (I prefer dill pickle relish to sweet pickle relish).


    • This is true in a lot of areas. My niece and I joke that we have a love of ketchup on our hotdogs as the rest of the family thinks we are nuts 😉


  3. The classic American dish is “beanie weenies,” which is baked beans cooked with sliced hot dogs mixed in. Pasta and cheese sauce with sliced hot dogs is a children’s favorite.

    They’re also good split lengthwise and grilled, and served up with sauerkraut. Add some peas and baked apples, and it’s a filling, easy supper.


  4. I dry fry mine for a cheaper version of bratwurst and serve with mash and vegetables, or slice thinly on the diagonal and add to pasta, scrambled eggs, beans, or cold in potato salad. We gat the $2 pack from Aldi and it’s a nice change every now and then for tea at 50c per serve.


  5. Jambalaya, I think there’s a weight watchers recipe that uses hot dog sausages.
    I also like them chopped up in a potato salad.
    Mine are the vegetarian ones. I love a nice hot dog with fried onions and ketchup. They are even better in the bioche hot dog buns from aldi.


  6. For a quick, easy and cheap meal my Mom would sometimes make us a hotdog casserole type dinner. She used a glass baking dish and layered the bottom with hotdogs sliced in half (long-wise), and she would squeeze a bit of mustard over the hotdogs and spread it evenly (for flavor). Then she would put a thick layer of mashed potatoes over the hotdogs, shred cheddar cheese over the mashed potato layer, and then bake it in the oven until the cheese bubbled and browned a little bit. It was actually very tasty!


  7. I second the chili dogs! I also have to eat gf… I buy chicken dogs at Trader Joe’s here in the US (gluten free!) and use gf bread. I love the hot dogs sliced down the middle and put in the frying pan (no oil needed) so they’re crispy rather than rubbery.


  8. I couldn’t bring myself to eat them at all !!

    I used to years ago and when the boys were small they appeared regularly as a treat tea. Then we found out what went into them and they were banned from the house with full agreement from everyone. They most likely eat them again now though.

    I’ve tried the veggie ones once …. never again, they are all just too processed.


      • Hmm? When i cook meat on the bone, the connective tissue, sinew and gelatinous part of the meat , melts and is absorbed, hence why meat on the bone always tastes better. I also think when we slaughter an animal we should eat everything


  9. I add sliced hot dogs to sauerkraut…put a jar of kraut with half again as much water on to simmer for about an hour…then add your sliced hot dogs and continue simmering about half an hour…serve with lumpy mashed potatoes! I grew up having this and love it still…


  10. I go to the movies most weeks and always ALWAYS take my own food and drinks because the prices are insane as is the cost of parking (will not pay for parking and either walk, get dropped off or find street parking miles away and walk) x


  11. Gluten free hot dog buns are pretty easy to find here in central Illinois, USA,, but are very expensive and aren’t very tasty. I usually use a corn tortilla for a wrap or eat it without any bread.


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