Bottom of the fridge, back of the cupboard paella

Hello Dear Reader,

The remit for supper tonight was use up anything that could go off soon. That meant anything in the fridge that could go with anything I already had in the cupboard.  I just won’t waste anything and any menu plan of mine will be altered or adapted to make sure everything is used up. This would have been a risotto if I’d had arborio rice but I just had paella rice (so it said on the pack)

I used: an onion – diced

courgettes, red pepper, five portobello mushrooms – chopped into cubes

 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 

three cloves of garlic – crushed,

ground black pepper and salt. 

tin of chopped tomatoes,

tin of meatballs, 

chicken stock cube, 

Tablespoon of dried parsley, 

1tsp of paprika 

cup of risotto rice and boiling water. 

I also added half bag of spinach which just wilted as I stirred it through.
I heated the oil and sautéed the onion, mushrooms, peppers and courgettes until they had softened but not totally cooked.

Add the rice and stir until coated.

Keep adding boiling water, a bit at a time until the rice starts to absorb the water.

Add the garlic, paprika, stock cube and tinned chopped tomatoes. Keep adding boiling water and stirring as the rice keeps absorbing the water. When the rice is as soft as you like, sprinkle with parsley. I served mine up at this point, with the rest, I added a tin of meatballs as I’d been looking at the tin for months. 

It took minutes, used up what we had and it asked great too.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


4 thoughts on “Bottom of the fridge, back of the cupboard paella

  1. We had veggie risotto tonight too, and for the first time I have stock taken and planned meals ( tough months ahead financially ). We are to have tuna fishcakes with veg, veg curry and rice and home made chapatis, roast with sliced pork from freezer ( x2 ) , fish, chips and peas, steak and mushroom( freezer )mash and veg, quiche and salad, spaghetti with lentil bolognese,. Need to buy. bread,veg and fruit. Love a challenge!


  2. We call this ‘iffits’, if it’s edible we’ll eat it. We usually have iffits for dinner on Saturdays as we shop on Sunday.


  3. In our house its known as ‘once around the fridge dinner’. Always different and delicious too.
    Helen in France


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