Menu planning for the weeks ahead 

Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve had a stock check: pork joint, bacon pieces, tinned salmon, two packs of sausage, pork steaks, minced beef, spinach, mushrooms, plenty of pasta sauces, battered cod, potatoes, swede, butternut squash……and I haven’t shopped this week.

My menu plan 

Not in any particular order.

Roast pork, roast potatoes and vegetables.

Pork steaks in white wine sauce, rice and veg.

Bolognaise with shredded steamed green vegetables. 

Salmon fish cakes and salad.

Falafel, mint yogurt, tomato salsa 

Meatball subs 

Sausage and bean hotpot

Sausages and bubble and squeak – butternut squash in the mash. 

Liver and bacon casserole with mash and veggies.

Battered cod, mushy peas and chips

Bacon and potato frittata

Spinach and mushroom tagliatelle.

My shopping list:

Bread, par cooked baguettes, vegetables, tartare sauce, mature cheddar, tomatoes, chilies, coriander, liver, g/f bread rolls, eggs, mushy peas, natural yogurt, dog food, also need shampoo and soap. Not a lot to get.

It’s a ten minute job but I do this every week. It means I never worry about what’s for supper and I never need to pop to the shops after work. As I’m not popping anywhere, I keep my purse firmly shut. 

  Over to you, what’ve you got in? What’s on the menu? 

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


9 thoughts on “Menu planning for the weeks ahead 

  1. Rice cooked in beef broth, steamed broccoli and butter. I’ve had this 3 times this week and it’s been delicious every time. The butter makes it 🙂


  2. Like you I have very full freezers. We have two refrigerators. A few weeks ago there were terrific meat sales and I think I can stretch this meat to last the entire winter.

    When I hit the stores I need to buy milk, butter, cheddar, fresh bread, potato, onion, bananas the nicest greens etc. I haven’t made meal plans but will choose meat from the freezer depending on how many and who will be at home that night. It varies so depending on college schedules, show rehearsals, date night or visitors.


  3. I am currently eating down my stores of food at home due to an impending move and to allocate some grocery funds to medical debt. We’re starting to run out, or very low on some pantry items. I refuse to buy more/replace,choosing a substitute instead. I have a full monthly menu plan for May. My next rental starts June 1, our transition month, so the first few weeks of May until we officially change residence may be interesting, food wise. I did cave and do a quick top up the other day, after being out of some perishables. I bought milk, bread, rolls, yogurt, 1/2 & 1/2, heavy cream, eggs. Looking ahead to this weeken’s errands, I anticipate more milk, a pkg of hamburger buns, a pkg of sub sandwich rolls (we are also having meatballs subs this week!)


  4. now I am the opposite of everyone…my cupboards are bare…besides plenty of cat food they hold spices…a few cans of tomato soup, sauce and pumpkin…the fridge is no better. a few out dated cans of fruit, jars of pickles and hot peppers…the freezer has mostly containers of ice…a few bags of frozen fruit…so I have been checking the sales…intending to do some bulk cooking over the weekend…I’ve been eating on the run for 3 years…after months of throwing away food I bought and had no time to cook…wish me luck…if I can get ahead of this I think I can keep up…

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  5. I don’t know–one week it seems like I’m cooking potatoes nearly every night, and other week pasta–so today I got some alternative starches. Rice and black beans we already ate–a box mix with too much salt, but I added half a can of leftover corn and cooked some pork chops and dinner was done. I also bought couscous, which we like, and some yellow Mexican rice, also on sale. Aside from that I merely topped up some things we lacked–five small packages of berries for $10–not the best deal but we have to eat something until the fresh fruits come in. These were blueberries, probably from Chile, and 1 pack red raspberries–those are for me–husband eats ALL the blueberries. I need to put some thought into what to cook, but I have well stocked freezer, fridge and cupboards. I need to bake something but couldn’t decide what. The store items are too expensive–doughtnuts 85 cent each, pastries or muffins $1.35, and it’s just cheaper and better tasting to make my own. Tired of cakes after 4 months of birthdays. A couple packages of sausages were on sale–one of breakfast and another of sage sausage which we like. Apples. Dried cherries.
    Cold cereal, and that reminds me I need to make granola this weekend too. Not too big a shopping this week. No great deals–half a pound of cheese for $2. Nothing inspiring here.


  6. My hubby and I just did a huge shop, stocked canned goods from Aldi, meats from butcher, and 30 lb cheddar cheese from Amish makers (half or more gets shredded and frozen). We also have 15 hens that are headed to the freezer once new ones start laying. We do this every six months, and it really saves on the budget. We last did a big shop before Thanksgiving in last FALL. I still check sales each week, but rarely go unless it’s a good one. With my garden we have fresh veg for animals and the fridge. Six months ago I started buying TP, Soaps, cat food, (household stuff ) at They have a subscribe and save program, with discounts that make items less than store prices….. and no shopping, its all delivered free. It takes planning and organization, and like you do, meal planning, but it sure saves money and trips to the market.
    I enjoy seeing what types of meals others plan. I’m going to try making your pasties, my 5 guys will like them I think


  7. We tend to stock up on items when we see them on sale, but lately seem to have a pantry and freezer that are too full, so have decided to live off of what we have at home for a week or two. I like the way you have a list of possible dinner ideas – think I will do that as hubby often change shis mind when i say what was already planned for dinner.


  8. We have lentils (3 different kind) brown rice, millet, quinoa, soy beans, buckwheat, some GF pasta, two jars tomato purée, soba noodles, potatos, rice cakes, GF flours, carrots and one egg.
    We need: spinach, broccoli, and some other kind of veg, lemons, yogurt.
    Next days dinners: potatos and lentil curry, miso soup (4x week lately ), maybe a pasta with lentils, and veggie pan with grains.


  9. We have a pretty basic & repetitive menu.
    Tonight I’ll make risotto with whatever is leftover in the fridge.
    Saturday is a budgeted/planned for date night (yippee!)
    Sunday will be homemade pizza.
    Monday – leftover risotto
    Tuesday – pesto quinoa with chicken
    Wednesday – leftover pizza
    Thursday – homemade taquitos, guacamole, chips
    Friday – clean out the fridge, or a rice dish.


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